The Nation's Weather for Tuesday, June 12, 2018



A gorgeous day is in store for New England tomorrow with

sunshine and warmth in the forecast. Drier air will push

back southward into the mid-Atlantic, giving residents a

much-needed break from the rain and allowing water levels on

streams and creeks to fall. Showers and thunderstorms will

dot the Southeast and central United States, while a more

focused area of showers and heavier thunderstorms target

portions of the mid-Mississippi and Ohio River valleys. A

large area of high pressure will bring tranquil and pleasant

conditions to the northern Plains, while severe

thunderstorms erupt in western parts of the southern Plains

later in the day. Unseasonably hot air will bubble northward

over the western U.S. with no relief in sight for fire

personnel battling the numerous blazes across the Southwest.


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No new information for this time period.


National High Monday 106 at Needles, CA

National Low Monday 21 at Bodie State Park, CA


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