America has a new favorite burger chain.

Five Guys, the East Coast-based burger chain famous for its simplicity and myriad toppings, claimed the top spot in the latest annual "Harris Poll EquiTrend" survey.

West Coast-cult favorite In-N-Out held the title for the past two years but came in second this year.

We visited Five Guys to see if it's worth the hype.

With over 1,200 locations nationwide and 17 in Connecticut, the DC-metro-based Five Guys chain is a behemoth in the burger world.

Hollis Johnson

The design of Five Guys restaurants is decidedly different than most better-burger chains. Gone are the warm wood accents, brushed nickel, and dim light.

Hollis Johnson

Instead there are simple utilitarian tables and chairs surrounded by white tile walls with the chain's signature red-checker design. Five Guys feels like a clean, uniform, hole-in-the-wall deli — in the best way possible. There's no fuss.

Hollis Johnson

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