The Westport Parks and Recreation Department begins the 2012 and 50th annual summer road runners season with the 2.3-mile race starting and finishing on the grounds of Staples Stadium.

The program is for 10-weeks and culminates with a 10-mile race Saturday Sept. 1 at Staples.

There is an entry fee of $30 for Westport residents and $50 for non-residents for the entire season. The runners have the option of paying a weekly fee of $5 or $8 per race for residents and non-residents respectively.

Additional, per race, prizes will be announced weekly to celebrate the program's 50th anniversary.

Co-sponsors for this year's series of races will again include The Pequot Runners, Running Times Magazine, Village Bagels, Road ID, Sherpa, Runners Roost and Matthew Greene of Northwestern Mutual in Westport. Additional sponsorships will also be announced during the summer as they occur.

Roy Mascolino of Westport set the 2.3-mile record in 1986 with a time of 10:25.

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Applications and information about the program are available at the Westport Parks and Recreation Office, at the start of each Saturday's race or at

Registration for each race begins at 7:30 a.m. each Saturday.

The runners will begin the race by running 300 meters on the track and then follow the service path up the hill and behind Bedford Middle School to the Wakeman Park playing fields,

They will then cross the fields diagonally and connect with the Wakeman Park entrance road.

Once they get to the service road, they will then turn left onto Cross Highway, followed by left turns onto North Avenue, and into the Bedford Middle School Entrance Road.

They will then go left to the service path at the Wakeman Park playing fields, right behind Bedford and down the hill to the Staples track where they will finish in the opposite direction of where they started the race.

Staples boys cross country and track coach Laddie Lawrence will direct the program for the 47th season and will be assisted by current members and alumni of the Staples track program.

Participants are reminded to park in the Staples north parking lot and walk down the hill or down the stairs by the bleachers to the Staples track, which is located behind the field house.