Mike Hvizdo is back as the Weston High boys basketball coach.

Hvizdo, in his second season, resigned on Feb. 6 amid controversy over his participation in a short film from 2003 called "Forbidden Fruit," which was posted online and sent to school administrators.

He described the film as raunchy and R-rated.

The school announced his return Friday afternoon.

"I wouldn't say I'm surprised because I never lost hope," Hvizdo said Friday night. "I'm not surprised. This whole ride has been surreal and kind of shocking. I'm probably still in shock over the whole ordeal and how silly it was."

The school, in a statement, said: "(Supt.) Dr. Colleen Palmer, (principal) Ms. Lisa Wolak, (athletic director) Mr. Mark Berkowitz, and Mr. Michael Hvizdo are pleased to announce that they have agreed that Mr. Hvizdo will be returning to serve as Head Coach for Varsity Boys Basketball at Weston High School. Through further discussion, we have worked through the issues surrounding Mr. Hvizdo's resignation, which he has been permitted to rescind, and have clarified the district's expectations concerning his performance. We welcome Mr. Hvizdo back to our coaching staff, and we wish him and the Boys Basketball team every success for the future."

Weston High administrators, in a letter mailed to parents on Feb. 10, said the nine-minute black-and-white film, while not "illegal," was inappropiate and compromised his position as the head coach of the Trojans.

Hvizdo's situation drew national attention. In fact, a crew from "Good Morning America" was at his home Friday night.

"The media has been great. It took a life of its own," he said. "I want to move forward. Learn from it and grow and get back to coaching my boys."

Parents rallied to his cause in the three weeks since he resigned.

"That's been my strength, the players and parents who've supported me," Hvizdo said. "They kept me going. They've been amazing."

Weston, which is 11-11 and lost in the first round of the SWC playoffs, opened state tournament play on Monday by upsetting No. 10 University 54-53 at Classical Magnet School in Hartford. The 23rd-seeded Trojans will host No. 26 Tolland in the second round Wednesday at 6 p.m.

Hvizdo was sidelined for five games.

"I'm grateful. I want to thank the administration for reinstating me and bringing me back into the Weston family and also I really am forever grateful for all the people (who) supported me and voiced their opinion during this whole ordeal," Hvizdo said.

Mike Cardillo contributed to this story