A varsity soccer player has been dismissed from the Staples High School boys team for making a racist remark to a Wilton opponent on Oct. 26.

Staples Principal John Dodig confirmed Monday the player was dismissed by coach Dan Woog as a result of the incident, which occurred at the conclusion of the Wreckers 2-1 loss to Wilton.

Woog on Friday would not discuss the incident, except to say he did not think it was newsworthy.

Wilton Principal Robert O'Donnell said he had been alerted to the incident by his school's athletic director, Chris McDougal, but was unaware that Staples had taken any disciplinary action.

Woog said he made the following statement to Inklings, the Staples students newspaper, speaking generally about the soccer program, not in response to any specific incident:

"For 55 years, Staples Soccer has upheld important values, including good sportsmanship, high personal standards, and respect for all. I hope everyone understands the importance of treating the game and all involved in it with the utmost respect."