When the Staples gymnastics team needed to perform Wednesday, all five delivered.

Staples scored 127.25 and raised its record to 5-3 with two home wins in vanquishing Oxford (121.85) and Newtown (119.95).

"I thought we did very well, [considering the facts] that the girls had midterms and were tired," Lady Wreckers coach Kelsey Martin said. "All five of our girls have been sick but, they all pulled through."

Staples did its best on vault, where it scored a 32.4, followed by floor exercise (32.3), the balance beam (32.0) and the uneven bars (30.55).

Sophomore Anna Violette has led the Lady Wreckers all year and scored a 32.65. Senior captain Emily Fishman (31.7) had her best meet of the season and was second for the team in all-around, followed by freshman Andrea Mahieu (31.0), who continues to improve, and sophomore Deanna Baris (30.85).

Baris (8.3) led Staples on vault and was followed by Fishman (8.1), Violette (8.0), sophomore Lindsay Kiedaisch (8.0) and Mahieu (7.5).

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"I think we did very well, considering we haven't been on the equipment for a long time," said Fishman, in reference to this being the team's first home meet since Dec. 22 (the other two meets were on the road).

Kiedaisch, who is normally the team's second-leading scorer, was hampered because she was recovering from the flu. She didn't compete on floor but would have if she was completely healthy.

Violette (8.0) was tops for the Lady Wreckers on bars by displaying her poise on the lower and upper bar while performing a clean routine. She stuck her kips, free hips, uprises and straddle cuts and was solid in connecting her moves.

"My bar routine is basic, but I feel I'm clean enough to lead the team, and it's great to have the support from the girls," Violette said.

Kiedaisch (7.6) transitioned well from the lower to the upper bar and Mahieu (7.5) stuck a solid dismount. Fishman (7.45) rounded off the team scoring and Baris (7.05) was also respectable on bars.

Fishman (8.25) had perfect balance on the beam and didn't fall while adding new skills to her routine. She was graceful in sticking her walkovers, switch leaps and wolf jumps and handled her new elements well, her cartwheel roundoff, pike jump, pike jump, before closing strong with a front tuck dismount.

"Lots of practice and doing the routine every day and working hard," Fishman said. "I worked hard on beam and threw in a new skill and had confidence."

Violette (8.15) also didn't fall and showed grace and poise while executing her switch leaps, wolf jumps and flyaway dismount. Mahieu (8.0) maintained her balance while Baris (7.6) bounced back after falling and stuck her front tuck dismount. Kiedaisch (7.3) fought threw her illness and was graceful despite suffering a fall. In the end, she stuck her front tuck dismount.

With Kiedaisch not being able to compete on floor, Staples had no margin for error because all four scores would count.

Therefore, all the girls had to be solid and they were, starting with Violette (8.5), who combined power, grace and poise in sticking her back handsprings, back layout, front layout, back tuck, and showed agility with her swan-like pose near the end of her routine.

"It was a struggle to get through my floor routine, but I was able to pull through," Violette said.

Mahieu (8.0) added a layout and Baris (7.9) inserted a layout half on floor. Fishman (7.9) showed pep and poise in performing to her music.

"Our routines weren't the cleanest and we had some falls, but we added difficulty to our routines for some girls [and performed well enough to win]," Martin said.