Staples boys tennis coach Kris Hrisovulos recently captured his 100th win in charge of the program. As impressive as that feat that is, the low number of losses in that time is even more staggering.

Six defeats. Out of 108 matches.

The Wreckers swept McMahon 7-0 last Tuesday, pushing their record to 5-0 and extending the winning streak to 26 matches dating back to last season. Wins over Ludlowe and Stamford since gives Hrisovulos a 102-6 career mark with the Wreckers.

"It's definitely rewarding," Hrisovulos said. "When I took this job in 2010 I definitely wanted to come back and bring back the championship and winning vibe to the program and the school that I went to. To bring championships back is gratifying."

In five-plus seasons, Staples has claimed two Class LL titles, one FCIAC crown and four runner-up finishes. Most coaches have to wait a long time to reach the century mark, but Hrisovulos did it at the start of his sixth season. More than half of the 100 wins have been via sweep.

Hrisovulos graduated from Staples in 2000 and was an All-State doubles player for two seasons in addition to playing soccer. He attended Niagara University and played tennis all four years and earned a pair of degrees in sports and business management.

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Once he graduated college, he received a job offer at ESPN in their statistics department. A decision was then made that would resemble taking one path in the fork in the road.

"I wasn't ready for corporate," Hrisovulos said. "I had spent summers coaching high-level kids. Coaching was in my eyes and I wanted to try it out and if I regretted it I could go back in corporate."

He began coaching at the Stamford Indoor Tennis Academy and spent many years there before returning to Intensity Fitness in Norwalk, where he is the Director of Player Development. The decade of experience has had a tremendous impact on the Wreckers.

"I've (coached) for about 10 years in about three different clubs in that same field," Hrisovulos said. "It's been good being back at Intensity just because kids in our program are there so I can see them yearly."

Since taking the reins at Staples, Hrisovulos hasn't lost many matches.

Last season, the Wreckers went undefeated with a 21-0 record and won the FCIAC and Class LL championships. Hrisovulos was honored with being named FCIAC Coach of the Year. The FCIAC title was the first since 2001 for Staples.

"I've had a great group of kids that have held up," Hrisovulos said. "I've always had a group of talent; as well of a record as we've had, it's amazing but on the other hand in those five years we've won three (out of 10) championships."

Staples has closed the gap to top FCIAC club Greenwich, with the Wreckers winning both matches last season and another in 2015.

Senior captain Zack Levin has been a varsity starter all four years and credits Hrisovulos for helping develop his game.

"During a match you can talk to him about strategy and what to do," said Levin, who will play tennis at Franklin & Marshall. He's helped me through a lot of matches over the years and we have a great relationship."

With the strength of the program, win No. 200 isn't far behind.

"It's really great to have a coach that's not just a teacher at our school," Levin said. "He's a real tennis coach and knows what he's doing."