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Pick up this $2 hand towel from Macy's while you can

Statistically speaking, you always need more hand towels.

Mainstream International Hand Towels on sale at Macy's for $1.99

Mainstream International Hand Towels on sale at Macy’s for $1.99

Daniele Jesus / EyeEm/Getty Images/EyeEm

Mainstream International hand towels, which normally cost $10, are currently on sale at Macy’s for $1.99. That is, to quote the website, the “lowest price of the season.”

What? Not all sales have to be life-changing! Sure, it’s cool when we tell you about a fancy sous-vide cooker thing or a nice nonstick pan or some other product that will completely change your life forever, but other times you just need new hand towels and don’t want to spend an entire Alexander Hamilton on each one. Right now, you can spend two George Washington’s or, if you’re really fancy, a Thomas Jefferson. It won't reinvent your life, but your hands will be dry, and you'll probably have saved some money. And if you're not lacking in the hand towel department, why not stock up? The darn things are two dollars.

Cotton Solid 27" x 52" Bath Towel - macys.com

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The um... the Thomas Jefferson joke back there was that the third president is on the two-dollar bill, which despite rumor to the contrary is actually in circulation, and not even all that uncommon. Bet you didn’t think you’d learn about obscure currency in this article! You're welcome: life is full of surprises.

This hand towel is on sale until Apr. 11, but since it’s one of the most popular products at Macy’s right now, there’s no telling when it could run out and be replaced by some inferior (but more expensive) hand towel at nowhere near as tasty a price.