Garden Catering goes above, beyond

Tuesday morning following the storm we went out in our car to see the aftermath. After many turnarounds and dead ends because of fallen lines and trees ,we made our way to Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich. To our surprise, Garden Catering had its door open and a hand-written "Open" sign posted.

We went in and there was the owner Frank Carpentieri, Jr., making egg sandwiches in their gas grill in the dark and serving hot coffee they had driven over from their Stamford location. There were no lights, no register but there they were serving the community the best way they could. We've always loved GC for their dedication to the Old Greenwich community and their always present smiles. But this time they went above and beyond to help out.

Traci Gwozdz,


Thank you,

Old Greenwich

In a trying time, O.G. residents pulled together, got on with it and even laughed together.

Having been through many a flood in over half a century, we would first of all like to thank our mother, Til Connal, who always made every Hurricane, Nor'easter, and the flooding that came with them, an adventure. Mother of eight and with husband Scotty away for every single flood, it is extraordinary how she managed to make it fun.

One time, younger brother Alan, sitting at the top of the basement stairs watching the waters rise asked, "Do we put the life jackets on now mom?" Later, she admitted that it was trying, but you just had to deal with it and not let the eight kids know that you were a little worried. Our Dad called in once and Mom told him there was good news and bad news. ... The boat was tied to the car, which was the good news.

The bad news was that the car was underwater! Hurricane "Sandy" is without any doubt the most difficult and devastating. Our mother's training paid off and made the entire experience much more bearable.

So, thanks, Mom! So many distraught people, many who have never had to face this before. Our heart goes out to those who have faired badly.

The mop-up continues. We would like to say thank-you to just a few:

The Fire Station who ensured there was plenty of sand and bags for the filling.

Total strangers that turned up, rolled up sleeves and selflessly helped shovel to fill the bags.

To Greenwich, the First selectman and the head of police for the constant updates on the status of our community.

To the hosts of the much needed "Block Party" at Edgewater Drive, where laughter was heard amongst the sorrow.

The American Red Cross, The W. Civic Centre and Eastern Middle School and all the volunteers.

The family that celebrated "Reverse Halloween," going door to door, bringing candy to the households that hadn't a moment to think about this event. It was very touching.

Greg and Chris from "Aux Delices" who drove around delivering piping hot chocolate to shivering householders sorting through their soggy mess.

Our Australian friend, who came for a holiday and ended up lugging furniture and filling sandbags and who constantly tended a fire to keep us warm and "boil the billy."

Family and friends that rallied to help. A special thanks to Lynn and Knuck. THANKS TO ALL THE AMAZING UTILITY PEOPLE, who came from everywhere to help us.

Now, we are all stiff and sore and exhausted. We at 53 Edgewater are still without power and gas. But hey, it has been an "adventure" that has made us proud to be part of this community and very proud to be part of this neighborhood. And thank you Mom for the training !

Thank you, Old Greenwich.

Christine Connal,

eldest of eight and Susan Connal, second oldest