The following property transfers took place in Westport for the period of July 22-26.

20 Rices Lane

Price: $1,712,500

Seller/buyer: Rices Lane LLC to Daniel A and Dayna A. Haggarty

38 Hills Lane

Price: $342,500

Seller/buyer: Michael J. Santacroce to Ashay Talegaonkar and Sanniti Pimpley

60 Post Road West

Price: $790,000

Seller/buyer: Sixty PRW LLC to 60 Post Road West LLC

17 Church Street

Price: $801,000

Seller/buyer: Daniel A. Daly Guris to Brett Milchman and Kaitlyn Kasinskas

9 Quentin Road

Price: $1,500,000

Seller/buyer: Renee M. & Andra H. Vebell to Paul-Matthieu and Jennifer A. Herbert-Coste

12 Stony Brook Road

Price: $1,010,000

Real Estate Listings

Seller/buyer: Dimitri Offengenden to Raymond and Stephanie Tang

65 Center Street

Price: $237,840

Seller/buyer: David W. Smith to Sean and Natalie Gottlieb

65 Center Street

Price: $356,760

Seller/buyer: Harriet Smith EST to Sean and Natalie Gottlieb

22 Clinton Avenue

Price: $747,000

Seller/buyer: Carl H. Jackson and Jodi M. Sansonse to Erika L. and Justin M. Brunswasser

3 Turtleback Lane

Price: $1,456,500

Seller/buyer: Randi T and James H. Perry to Pamela S. and Gerard W. Lillis

16 North Ridge Road

Price: $820,000

Seller/buyer: Francis and Jane Costello to Peoples United Bank