Latest property transfers: $16.9M total

The property at 58 Clapboard Hill Road was recently sold for $3,135,000.
The property at 58 Clapboard Hill Road was recently sold for $3,135,000.Contributed photo

The following property transfers were recorded by the Town's Clerk office from July 14-18:

126 Harvest Commons: George and Constance McCormack to Jane Felsenthal Fraser Revocable Trust, $745,000

325 Post Road West: Wright Building Associates LLC to 335 PRW LLC, $1,585,000

17 Woods Grove Road: Edward and Dorothy Hutcheson to Kenji Ozawa, $820,000

3 Allen Lane: William O'Brien and Eileen Mollahan to Mark Highman and Rachel Goldfine, $830,000

15 Tarone Drive: Myles and Carolyn Greenberg to Adam and Julianna Stockton, $995,000

58 Clapboard Hill Road: Joseph and Teresa McCartin to Dale and Peter Najarian, $3,135,000

16 Salem Road: James and Martha McNulty, Mary O'Connell and Patricia Leahy to 16 Salem Road LLC, $950,000

37 Franklin St.: Dinmar Realty LLC to Anderson Holdings LLC, $1,200,000

47 Oak St.: Ryan and Nicole Ambrifi to Evan and Lauren Abrams, $1,075,000

9 Kirock Place: Joanee Howley to Christopher Cocco, $500,000

49 Cavalry Road: Erik and Shauna Pickering to Ryan and Nicole Ambrifi, $1,575,000

3 Stonybrook Road: Elizabeth Russ to Dwight and Sharon Barns, $2,000,000

5 Raphael Way: Robert and Elizabeth Magnuson to William and Eileen O'Brien, $1,515,000

Total value of the property transfers is $16,925,000, generating conveyance taxes of $42,312.