The Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place June 3-7:

122 Harvest Commons, sold to Margaret Yingling by Barbara W. Culp estate, $725,000.

1701-1715 Post Road East, sold to 1701 Post Road East LLC by Greens Farms Centre Association, $4,850,000.

9 Ferry Lane East, sold to Bret and Britt Sheiber by Paul E. and Wendy White, $3,300,000.

9 Boxwood Lane, sold to Glenn and Rhonda Payne by John F. Lynch, $2,950,000.

55 Valley Road, sold to Kenneth Lametta by Alicia Vallado Ogilvy estate, $320,000.

7 Brookside Park, sold to Beth S. Gould by David I. and Kate E. Grange, $785,000.

201 Bayberry Lane, sold to Aranzazu Mateo and Sergio Nusimovich by Kim L. Condon and Cary R. Zateslo, $725,000.

121 Imperial Avenue, sold to 121 Imperial LL by William F. and Patricia T. Abbott, $700,000.

19 Partrick Lane, sold to Xianguo and Xiaoyan Wang by Erin M. Christie, $705,000.

517 Harvest Common, sold to Benjamin and Mary L. Paulino by Michael O. Opettee estate, $895,000.

5 Sherwood Farms Lane, sold to Artem N. Vinkour and Julia S. Motorina by Michael and Alison M. Nevitt, $1,475,000.

5 West Branch Road 93.4 percent interest, sold to Gonzalve E. Bich by Heine Development Corporation, $2,800,000.

55 Washington Avenue, sold to Michael T. and Anne E. Ford by Andrew M. Feller, $695,000.

264 Bayberry Lane, sold to Kelly Schnabel and Andrew L. Lee by Ana E. and William J. Fenton, $1,427,500.

8 Overlook Road, sold to Brett and Jennifer M. Katzner by Alan D. and Tracy B. Schanzer, $1,100,000.

1 Greenbrier Lane, sold to Jonathan and Christine M. Okeefe by James A. and Elizabth F. Schultz, $1,130,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $24,582,500, generating conveyance taxes of $60,994,25.

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