The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers were recorded March 11-22:

62 Sylvan Road, sold to Frank and Barrie Bruce by Michael and Nicole Rolnick, $1,200,000.

5 Lehn Farm Road, sold to James and Robert Conroy by Donald Sung, $400,00.

21 Stony Brook Road, sold to Luke and Jenny McGuinness by Harold and Regina Kendig, $1,175,000.

95 Long Lots Road, sold to Post Road NB Co-Invest LLC by Jack Adams, $600,000.

10 Caccamo Lane Extension, sold to David and Elizabeth Hand by Coastal Construction Group LLC, $2,456,955.

21 Partrick Road, sold to Steven and Nora Kalter by Christopher Cocco, trustee, $1,900,000.

Real Estate Listings

1 Keenes Road, sold to Pan-Chi Lee and Ann Kuo by Paula Meyer, $1,577,500.

17 Whitney St., sold to Blake and Victoria Considine by John and Nicole Thelen, $824,500.

182 Wilton Road, sold to John and Peggy Lovro by Curt and Katherine Cullin, $1,750,000.

22 Daniel Court, sold to Siew Hui Terence Oh and Mei Dee Lim by Shiva Natarajan, $2,150,000.

22 Daniel Court, sold to David Krasne by Widerstand LLC, $1,350,000.

21 Duck Pond Road, sold to Hugh and Meridith Haas by Josephine Gierer, $979,000.

8 Guilder Lane, sold to Gary and Dominique Dwor-Frecaut by Lorie Fagin and Hendrie Weisinger, $928,000.

1 Red Coat Road, sold to Albert and Sandra Cordts by River Stone Construction LLC, $1,100,000.

159 Imperial Ave., sold to Anthony and Kamand Evans by Jeffrey Brill and Aileen Dowd, $915,000.

25 Edgemarth Hill Road, sold to 25 Edgemarth Hill LLC by Charles Brady, $920,000.

39 Pequot Trail, sold to Alexander and Diana Dunev by Charles Slidders/Lisa Slidders, $1,399,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $21,604,955, generating conveyance taxes of $49,687.39.