The Westport Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place April 1-5:

41 Roseville Road, sold to Marci L. El-Deiry by Alysha Johnson, $765,000.

49 Bermuda Road, sold to Richard and Anna Pellino Jr. by Jerome and Annette Gladstein, $2,021,500.

28 Ferry Lane East, sold to Mattera Construction 28 Ferry Lane East by Lino H. Ribolla and Aurea de Souza, $1,200,000.

4 Onion Hill Road, sold to Alice and Sarah Blumenthal by Herbert L. and Charlotte M. Jay, $955,000.

2 Sherwood Drive, sold to Wendy A. Giffords by George Justin/Joanne Gray Phillips, $1,700,000.

Real Estate Listings

1 Spring Hill Road, sold to Constantine Prapopulos by Adam D. Stolpen, $1,970,000.

2 Quarter Mile Road, sold to Kerry and Kathryn Szych by Lawrence A. Schwartz, $488,750.

Clark Avenue, sold to Keith R. and Carissa A. Seigner by Willowbrook Cemetery Association Inc., $40,000.

3 Canning Lane, sold to Susanna and Olaf Sachau by Meredith Bluestine, $1,799,000.

6 Rebel Road, sold to Nest-Rebel LLC by Mercer Field, $674,750.

127 Lansdowne, sold to Howard L. Friedman and Shirlee C. Hauser by Marianne H. Blystad, $850,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $12,464,000, generating conveyance taxes of $31,160.01.