The Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place March 25-29:

6 Hitchcock Road, sold to Lauren and Jordan Barnett by Kathleen M. Flynn/Robert J. Parisi, $834,000.

25 Hickory Drive, sold to Louis E. Donofrio and Tammy W. Lo by Rachel Meltzer-Wallach, $562,500.

2 Swallow Lane, sold to H. Greg Investments Inc. by Guiseppe Augastino Boccanfuso III, $250,000.

3 Madeline Ave., sold to H. Greg Investments Inc. by Guiseppe Augastino Boccanfuso III, $200,000.

166 Roseville Road, sold to Harold Fischel by Oasis Entertainment LLC, $1,125,000.

3 Peters Lane, sold to Jonathan and Melissa Ellis by SIR-3 Peters LLC, $1,775,000.

Real Estate Listings

177 Newtown Turnpike, sold to Xugang Xiong and Hongli Wang by Sundeep Ruia and Kanika Sarda c/o Cartus, $765,000.

116 Harvest Commons, sold to Gerald G. Lang by Mary G. Lang Revocable Trust, $170,000.

35 Old Road, sold to John D. and Kristine B. Nielsen by Moscato Equities LLC, $1,072,500.

37 Prospect Road, sold to Bluewater Prospect LLC by 35 Prospect Road LLC, $800,000.

9 River Oaks, sold to Matthew and Erika Stellato by Scott E. and Bonnie R. Sinclair, $690,000.

14 St. George Place, sold to Chong A. and Mark M. Friedman by Hadley C. and Robin H. Rose, $735,000.

17 Dogwood Lane, sold to Patricia Monnerat Revocable Trust, Patricia and Frederico Monnerat, trustees, by Doreen L. Kennedy, $1,060,000.

12 Overlook Road, sold to Christopher James W. and Genevieve Agnew, $904,000.

7 Keyser Road, sold to Ben John and Althea Heisler by Geoffrey R. and Emily Robb King, $1,488,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $12,431,000, generating conveyance taxes of $29,352.50.