The Town Clerk's office reports the following property transfers took place from Sept. 2-6:

226 Lansdowne, sold to Carol Gluckman by Gloria Levinson, $725,000.

100 Partrick Road (4.1 percent interest), sold to Robert and Dana Cutler by Michael and Stacy Moeller, $1,366,879.

31 Greenlea Lane (.9786 interest), sold to Charles Dockter and Lee Michele Goldstein by Carol Gluckman, trustee, $1,412,500.

47 High Point Road, sold to Joel Whidden by Komac Holdings LLC, $3,000,000.

123 Cross Highway, sold to Six Cross LLC by Six Cobb LLC, $1,225,000.

Real Estate Listings

35 Oak St., sold to Stephen and Christa Panny by Brian and Lisa Anne Power, $770,100.

2 Oak St., sold to Christian Brebbia and Sara Wolverson by J&L Everson LLC and Leita Everson, $750,000.

4 Elmwood Road, sold to Nest-Moss Ledge LLC by Grant Davidson 2002 Revocable Living Trust, $1,020,000.

4 Smicap Lane, sold to Sri Kalyana and Anasuy Popuri by Sir-4 Smicap LLC, $1,635, 865.

44 Whitney Glen, sold to Barry and Manya Piels by J. Brooks and Joyce Colburn, $3250,000.

Total value of the properties sold is $12,230,344, generating conveyance taxes of $27,223.20.