The Town Clerk's office recorded the following property transfers from April 27 to May 1:

35 Bridge St., Unit 212: Margaret V. Troll, estate, to Catherine Carnahan, $190,000.

491 Main St.: Christina Smith and Stephen Robaczynski to Paul Buckle and Rebecca Lowe, $699,000.

55 Whitney Glen Drive: Ruth Sherman to Joan Cavanaugh, $350,000;

72 Old Road: Ruth Gaviria to James Beck, $985,000.

24 Colony Road, exempt: Asher Rubinstein to Deborah E. Markus, $310,000.

10 Rayfield Road: Terry Zingaro to Jane Raba and Nidal M. Abi Saab, $860,000.

Real Estate Listings

15 Adams Farm Road: SIR-15 Adams Farm LLC to D. Scott and Kelli B. Parsons, $3,150,000.

75 Long Lots Road: George and Sally Judd to Clement J. and Tracey Naples, $1,651,500.

220 Riverside Ave., Unit 7: Ursula McGettigan to Thelma Latorre, $700,000.

23 Edgewater Hillside: Marissa V.G. Ferguson to Robert M. and Jody K. Gelfand, $2,550,000.

Total value of the property sales was $11,445,500, generating conveyance taxes of $27,838.75.