The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office from July 15-19:

Karen L. Skaug to Steve Myrthil, 130 Massachusetts Ave., $240,000

Christopher P. and Lindsay L. Bell to George D. and Joan M. Bakes, 1463 Black Rock Turnpike, $310,000

Bonnie M. Strittmatter Revocable Trust to Kevin L. and Chantal M. Angelis, 334 Brambley Hedge Circle, $1,215,000

Neil M. and Maria Holstein to Alexander and Helen Phillips, 510 Hulls Farm Road, $1,237,500

Ilan and Laurie Markus to Jamil Hasan and Amand Kosowky, 462 Wormwood Road, $715,000

Caleb Beckford and Melissa Petro to Michael R. and Emma E. Kuehn, 1734 Stratfield Road, $308,000

Real Estate Listings

Estate of Michael Restaino to Eric M. and Kristina H. Sullivan, 88 Half Mill Road, $820,000

Charles W. and Anne C. Dreyer to Matthew and Jamie Marzano, 157 Veres St., $450,000

Albert A. Annunziata and Michael Piazzaroli to Campbell Avenue LLC, 86 Tunxis Hill Road, $280,000

Adrienne Maloney to Stephen R. and Heather K. Woodworth, 33 Edward St., $640,000

Carolyn Geignetter to Andrew and Liane Lewis, 3055 Congress St., $3,375,000

Richard D. and Mary K. Mock to Jack F. and Nicole L. Manno, 315 Pemburn Drive., $565,000

William and Suzanne Hayes Kessler to Lawrence Wilner and Robert S. Warren, Dogwood Green condos, Unit 3-C2, 1145 Stratfield Road, $176,000

Judith S. Currier to Damian D. and Beverly A. Largier, 1113 Stillson Road, $890,000

Alison C. Weiss to Susan Seath, 186 Fairfield Place, $688,375

Josephine S. Villere Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Jeffrey Giannone, 1248 Pequot Ave., $820,000

John W. and Moira S. Rachel to Dona Carlin, 55 Cider Mill Lane, $1,375,000

Kevin and Heather Murphy to Ilan Markus, 1348 Stillson Road, $1,050,000

Andrew and Barbara Eder to Robert P. and Barbara A. Voytas, 533 Mill Hill Terrace, $930,000

1150 Post Road Associates LLC to Ives Investment LLC, 1150 Post Road, $1,910,000

Cynthia M. Powell to Gay Tice, 2027 Hillside Road, $750,000

Fred. R. and Linda S. Daniello to Kenneth B. Geriak, 46 Youngstown Road, $375,000

Aaron M. and Amy Townsley to Jennifer E. Keller, 1749 Stratfield Road, $303,500

Rockne Tavello Jr. and Jill L. Tavello to Ryan J. and Meghan E. Raveis, 389 Redding Road, $2,310,000

Renee P. Powell to Thomas Wilder, 35 Saddleview Court, $555,000

Scott Garrett to Richard A. Pickering, 570 Unquowa Road, $1,075,000

Joseph and Theresa Goncalves to Francis and Susan Heneghan, 3725 Redding Road, $699,000

Michael Grimes to Brad C. McBrair, 34 Concord St., $347,500