The following Fairfield property transfers were recorded by the Town Clerk's office Nov. 11-22:

Estate of Diane W. Reitano to Michael F. and Margaret E. Horton, 20 Longdean Road, $355,000

James P. McGrath II to Regina A. Philson, 14 Greenbrier Circle, $430,000

Patricia Marie Panicali Breidenbach to Janet Striuli and Mirco Spertta, 18 Glen Ridge Road, aka, 70 Glen Ridge Road, $310,000

Mihail F. Georgescu to George Kastanaras, 257 Bennett St., $342,000

Scott W. and Sally L. Mohr to Mark W. and Carolyn Helderman, 322 Harbor Road, $3,100,000

Real Estate Listings

Chiswick Properties LLC to Robert G. and Carolyn Saunders, 81 Southfield Road, $675,000

Property Renovations LLC to Joshua Michael Watson, 227 High St., $422,000

Michael F. Pomer and Elizabeth A. Rivas to Arthur M. Cottrell IV, 40 Lockwood Road, $600,000

Estate of John J. McMahon to Christopher Fatherley, 163 Catherine St., $390,000

Stuart Petri, trustee, to Catherine and Matthew Levens, 41 Saxonwood Road, $695,000

Maureen and Kathleen Dickman to Sandra Corbett, 34 Miro St., $420,000

Bankwell Bank to Joseph J. Lagana Builders Inc., Lot 3C, Kings Highway West, $282,500

Scott Lawton to 445 Holland Hill LLC, 445 Holland Hill Road, $469,000

Michelle Loris and Victoria Loris-Ferrara to Anthony Mazzerella, 72 Oldfield Road, $820,000

Karen A. Ross to Anne Grotefeld, 198 Toilsome Hill Road, $750,000

Anne Grotefeld to Mark R. and Carolyn A. McKenna, 266 Stratfield Road, $562,500

Louise and Darron Antill to Karen C. Klein, 111 Taylor Place, $895,000

CSCW LLC to Katherine M. Hayden, 50 Southport Woods Drive, Unit 3-A-1, $405,000

Matthew A. and Nancy J. Ruben to Michael and Elizabeth Pomer, 135 Sherley Place, $800,000

Daniel G. and Cynthia S. Lannon to Andrew and Kathrun Grayson, 70 Queens Grant Drive, $1,600,000

William P. Shoaf Jr. and Marie Shoaf to Courtney M. and LaShanda Williams, 101 Palmers Bridge, $675,000

JVS Builders LLC to Sharon Jordan, 1300 North Benson Road, $903,594.50

Leonard D. and Denise Scinto to Nancy Stackhouse, 155 Old Farm Road, $540,000

Ilona Gaal to Jose Simoes, 297 Bullard St., $285,000

Phillip S. and Karen A. Avallon to Melissa DiNardo, 255 Lalley Blvd., $710,000

Love Where You Live Homes LLC to Alexander Rojas and Natalia Restreop, 844 Riverside Drive, $949,700

Fairfield CFD LLC to DV Fairfield LLC, 4536 Congress St., $1,637,500

Brian J. Korchman to Jonathan T. Small, 52 Milandale Road, $315,000

The Roy Gravenor Revocable Trust to William P. Shoaf Jr. and Marie Shoaf, 237 Homestead Lane, $1,125,000

Terry and Sarah David to Cameron Emmott, 205 Fern St., $1,335,000

Margaret Cassidy Lucas to Florence Nabel, 19 Putting Green Lane, $395,000

Geoffrey Walsky to Sabahaltin Ersen and Rose Sanchez, 2383 Easton Turnpike, $540,000

Birgit M. Johnson to Regency Homes LLC, 3 Carlton St., $400,000

48 Mill Hill Road, Southport CT LLC to Margaret C. Lucas, 48 Mill Hill Road, $255,000

Thomas E. and Melissa J. Grega to Brian M. Weverman and Jennifer C. Levy, 941 Round Hill Road, $1,075,000

Lois Demanche and Nancy Vetto to Mark T. and Christine L. Holland, 157 Boroskey Road, $330,000

Eleanor Carley to Maureen Kavjian, 1505 Fairfield Beach Road, $475,000

Bankwell Bank to Richard E. Pinto, 909 Kings Highway West, $390,000

Robert and Kate Naughton to Ruth Brown, 184 Pratt St., $600,000

Chrystyna Dawid to Gary and Lisa Givens, 154 John St., $171,058.64

Frank D. Mioli to John McCulloch, 236 Nonopoge Road, $390,000

Pasquale and Josephine Staltaro to Love Where You Live Homes LLC, 212 Pratt St., $350,000

Emily Shaham to Eric DeLaurentis, 42 Riverside Drive, $443,000

Claire Rosenberg to Alexander S. Rowe, 42 Harwich Road, $386,000

Robin V. Shannon to Binh Kha and Hoa Huynh, 240 Tunxis Hill Cutoff, Unit 4, $240,000

Kelly K. Russell to Johan and Jennifer Andreasson, 981 Old Post Road, $1,950,000