BRIDGEPORT -- A female security guard acted as a decoy to flush out a man who'd allegedly been lewdly touching himself on the University of Bridgeport.

The woman, dressed in plain clothes, was stationed in the library on Tuesday when she encountered the suspect in one of the book aisles, said police spokesman William Kaempffer.

The man, identified as Jeremy Lee Wilson, 24, of Bridgeport, started rubbing his crotch through his pants and followed the security officer when she walked away, Kaempffer said.

When she radioed for other officers, Wilson fled campus in his van with security officers following him. Det. Robert Winkler went to the house where the minivan was registered and found it in the driveway with the hood still warm, Kaempffer said.

UB employees confirmed that Wilson was the person touching himself in the library, police said. UB security officers told police that there had been several incidents in the library in which a man exposed and touched himself in front of women.

Wilson was charged with second-degree criminal trespass, disorderly conduct and public indecency. He acknowledged to police that he had previously done this at the university, Kaempffer said.