Another year has flown right by

Like reindeer through a snowy sky

Where did it go? Where has it went?

Can you explain what it all meant?

In just a week we'll close the book

On 2011 -- it gets the hook

We'll toast it with champagne (or beer)

And move right in to one more year

But `fore we say a fond adieu

(Though "good riddance" may be your view)

Let's look back for one last glimpse

On all the good guys (and the wimps)

Who make this town the place it is

Who give it so much glitz and fizz

And life and laughter, grace and joy

(As well as tsuris -- oh my, oy!)

To our selectmen, hats we doff

First there's Gordon Joseloff

Then Shelly Kassen, Haberstroh

They make our government go go go

(Except when it goes slow slow slow)

And even then, well, hey, you know

The ship of state sails gaily on

The best town in the state of Conn.

The P&Z has four new faces

Making sure historic places

Like houses (old) and horse barns (red)

And fields (with lights) and graveyards (dead)

And bars and cafes, stores (retail)

And movie theaters (too tall? Fail!)

Though being Westport, tempers flare

Both sides shout "You're so unfair!"

So then we trust our wise commissioners

To be objective, patient listeners

And make a sage (and legal) call

That satisfies us, one and all.

And speaking (as we are) of smart

Talk here always seems to start

And end with one word: Education

We all know of our sorry nation

Last in testing -- behind Albania

Leading to this crazy mania

For 4.0 grades and perfect teachers

For rooms with all the latest features

For schools that do it all, but whoa --

Make sure to keep my taxes low!

By the river, down in Saugatuck

Near the station, past the Duck

Phase I revealed new stuff galore

Apartments, plazas, a kayak store

There's more to come -- just wait and see

Grazie, great Gault family!

Meanwhile, cross town, a farm was growing

Though controversial winds were blowing

Mike and Carrie Aitkenhead

Were loved by most, though some folks said

"They must be gone!" -- but in the end

Wise heads prevailed, and now they tend

WTF -- great initials, three

(Unlike unloved CL&P).

New faces were on the beat this fall

Led by top cop, Chief Dale Call

Koskinas (Foti), Batlin (Ned)

Sereneti (great name!) -- their street cred

Is real high, so let's thank their service

(Though seeing them still makes us nervous).

Gracias too to our firefighters

They're there all day (and pull all-nighters)

Keeping Westport safe and sound

They truly are the best around

As are, of course, our EMT crew

We are in awe of all they do

Treating every scrape and fall

And car crash, concussion -- they do it all.

As does, for sure, our library

Covering the world from A to Z

With DVDs and lecture series

Concerts, a cafe, answering queries

It's Westport's gem, our grand broad realm

With Maxine standing at its helm

There's all you need, in every nook

(Even something called "a book").

In one more way, this town's astounding

In time of hurt, there's help abounding

From Woman's Club to Homes With Hope

For folks who need a hand to cope

A check for heat, backpack for school

Westport's Human Services are cool.

Religious groups, and those non-churchly

Make sure that hunger, housing, virtually

Every time life throws a curveball

Someone's there to heed the call.

The call is answered too by those

Whose time and effort to us shows

The spirit of "community"

They give to you, they give to me

The gifts of time and energy

To showcase arts, and history

To preserve our land, to coach our teams

To help our town fulfill its dreams

To help our kids reach all their goals

To open minds and nourish souls

These volunteers are Westport's best

So here is one "Woog's World" request

This holiday let's pause a sec

And give some thanks (perhaps a check)

To folks and groups who make our hamlet

The greatest place this side of Camelot.

Dan Woog is a Westport writer who blogs at; email: