And so this is Christmas, and what have you done?

Another year older, did you have much fun?

Did you see Obama when he came to town?

Or did Hurricane Sandy just knock you flat down?

Did trees rip your wires, or fall on your house?

Did you sit in the dark, and bitch, moan and grouse?

Or did you light candles, and play Clue and chess

And then the next morning go clean up the mess?

This year was the Levitt at last in your plans

To see bluegrass and funk, and big ol' brass bands?

To sit by the river, on warm summer nights

And have a cool picnic (and a few `squito bites)?

This year did you see at least one Playhouse play

An evening of culture (or a matinee)

And stop in next door for a Dressing Room sup

(Or perhaps went to Winslow, to walk with your pup)?

This year was the Farmers' Market a stop

Instead of a big box called, oh, Stop & Shop?

To buy the most fresh kale and beans and tomatoes

And -- this rhyme's a stretch -- bread like ciabattas)

Miss the markets? (Hey, there were only like 30)

Don't fret -- they're indoors now, thanks to Sal ("Herbs") Gilbertie.

This year did you check out Blues, Views, BBQ

To enjoy ribs and pulled pork and plenty of brew

Along with great music, kids' stuff and more?

(If you missed it this year, go next time for sure.)

And just two weeks later, the Saugatuck Slice

Was equally funky, and well worth the price

For five bucks the food and beer overflowed

We wandered and chatted and smiled, `cause we knowed

That Gault and Romano have brought Saugatuck back

As a hip part of Westport, it's on the right track.

This year did you throw your elbows and force

Your way through the crowds at the new Spotted Horse?

Suddenly Church Lane's created a buzz

This tiny side street that not long ago was

Just a way to cut through, or park near the Y

Has changed, has morphed -- good gracious, oh my!

There's pedestrians, life, and Urban Outfitters.

Soon David Waldman (talk about big heavy hitters)

Will start building his new Bedford Square

A handsome (we hope) project that's where

That same Y now stands. But one thing no one knowest

The handsome Queen Anne house: Whither it goest?

Don't count out downtown, though for years it was hurtin'

There's life in it yet; of this we are certain

You may not love all the stores (each one looks like the rest)

But the Merchants throw parties: the Biergarten Fest

And the recent tree lighting, whose party thereafter

Filled bright Branson Hall with good cheer and great laughter.

Did you wander this year to the new Terrain store

(That is, if you could park and get through the door)?

Or did you prefer to shop "locally"

And hit WTF for a fresh Christmas tree?

For up on Cross Highway there's lots of good karma

Take a ride over there, to the Wakeman Town Farma.

The Aitkenheads offer great programs for all

We're happy they're back there, winter, spring, summer, fall.

This year did you make at least one special foray

To the Westport Arts Center? Or perhaps took a

Trip near Town Hall to the WHS

Our Historical Society -- which, more or less

Lets you see what our town was like back in the day

And helps you to ponder where someday we may

Be. Or not. It's all up in the air

Like the snow that could make this a Christmas so white

(Or the rain that would be just a buzzkilling blight).

So whether or not you've enjoyed this brief ditty

Whether or not you're from here or the city

Whether or not you are young or a coot

Whether you play lax or soccer, or tootle the flute

Whether you're straight or bi, or you're trans or you're gay

Whether you worship, or can't stand to pray

Whether you're Romney and Ryan, or chose the big winners

Whether you cry with the saints or laugh with the sinners

You know that we're all in this "Woog's World" together

So Merry Christmas to all -- and to hell with the weather!

Dan Woog is a Westport writer, and his "Woog's World" appears each Friday. He can be reached at His personal blog is www.danwoog06880.