Bravo to Dan Woog for his June 6 column about Memorial Day ("A perfect day for an imperfect parade.")

As a member of the Democratic Women of Westport who participated in the town's Memorial Day parade, and from this vantage point on the inside looking out, there were many people -- and a plethora of old-timers, toddlers and dogs who provided a supportive audience.

Everyone who cared about the true meaning of Memorial Day, including the many war protestors who have braved the weather on the Post Road bridge, participated in the name of peace.

Those who have not known the true horrors of war certainly often are not fully aware if its wrenching circumstances. ... The glory of war rises high above its realities ... flags flying high, bands resounding, hot dogs sizzling on the grill -- happy days! To many of us, Memorial Day means a hard-earned holiday away from the mundane everyday experience. But unhappily, there are many of us who forget its true significance -- that we honor those who have sacrificed that we may continue our safe and fruitful lives.

As Dan points out, Memorial Day honors those who have been severely wounded or have perished in our wars, but is also cries out for the cause of peace and human dignity. Lest we forget ...

Janet Aley