Had a birthday earlier this week -- one of those odd, nondescript numbers you don't get a surprise party for. I did get 25 Facebook birthday posts -- a pathetic number for the younger generation, I'm told by my sons, but not bad for my age. These pleasantly surprising, random online birthday greetings have been the first -- and only -- payoff I've seen so far from the "social network."

One particular thing I've noticed about getting older is that, while I don't want to think of myself as a curmudgeon or a grumpy old man, I definitely have less patience for doing things I don't like to do. More specifically: These days, when I see or hear something on TV or the radio that rubs me the wrong way, I don't suffer silently; I change the station, or mute it -- or just shut the damn thing off.

Here, a few examples:

Those Subaru commercials where the easy-going, vaguely loser-ish voice-over says: "My brothers ate chocolate and vanilla -- so I got pistachio, or whichever scoop didn't already have a bite out of it. I suppose that's why I got a Subaru." Really? That's why you got a Subaru? The tag line goes: "Subaru. We like to think we're not building great cars, but great stories." But they're not great stories. They're really annoying stories.

Certain sportscasters and radio sports talk hosts. Mike Francesa: He just oozes arrogance, and his nasal New York accent is nauseating. Mike Lupica: Probably a much nicer guy than Francesa, but still, his cackling voice is hard to take. Rece Davis: I feel bad that he can't pronounce his L's, but did he have to go into announcing? And do I have to listen to him? Dick Vitale: Sure, a lot of people love his enthusiasm, but you gotta admit he sounds like he just inhaled the contents of a helium balloon.

The smug, slick, dude in the black sports coat and gray T-shirt who serves as the TV spokesman for Optimum. A) You're on way too much; B) It's rude to walk away while you're still talking to me; C) Didn't they stop rocking that Don-Johnson-Miami-Vice jacket and T-shirt look quite some time ago?

The Scotts Turf Builder ad, featuring the red-headed, slightly paunchy guy with the Scottish brogue. "Feed your lawn. Feed it!" Gag me with a spoon. Gag me!

The Heineken "Open Your World" commercial where the scruffy-bearded Conan look-alike goes toe-to-toe with the the wily old magician who conjures a rabbit -- and one-ups him by pulling a bottle of Heineken out of his mouth. Come to think of it, I don't really like Conan, either.

So I do sound like a cranky curmudgeon? Is there anything on the air that I do like? Yes, in fact, there is:

The Progressive Insurance ads with Flo.

The E*Trade ads with the talking baby.

When Colin Cowherd, on ESPN Radio, uses "dog hurl" for vomit.

The GEICO commercials featuring the two musicians asking "How happy are they?" -- especially the one that ends with the punchline: "Happier than an antelope with night vision goggles."

Those old "Welcome to English as a foreign language" ads. Of course, I have no idea what product they were advertising, but I loved the way they said "pud-ding." And "goat."

Anything Carrie says or does on "Homeland."

Good stuff. But that's another column.

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