Setting record straight

about Tom Foley

My wife and I have lived in Weston for 16 years. We consider ourselves unaffiliated voters. I am writing this letter to specifically address the lies being told by Dan Malloy about Tom Foley.

I know Tom Foley. My wife, Valerie, and I worked for Tom at the Bibb Company, and yes ... Tom Foley is a friend of mine.

A bit of historical fact: in the mid 1980s, Tom was a banker at Citicorp (later to be renamed Citigroup), and had been contracted by the former Bibb. Co. owner, Will Manning, to secure additional funding for the company during an extremely challenging economic environment for U.S.-based/domestic textile mills. During the course of their relationship, Will decided to retire and thought Tom the perfect replacement to take over company and provide new stewardship as the demand for cheaper imported products was beginning to severely impact the profitability and very existence of all American Textiles manufacturers -- The Bibb Company not being an exception.

Tom was successful and within the course of 20 months, he paid back Citicorp 100 percent of his outstanding notes on the purchase of Bibb. Tom restructured The Bibb Co. without resorting to huge lay-offs, as was a normal procedure for major U.S.-based textile mills during that period of general decline across a broad field of U.S.-based manufacturers. By the way, Dan Malloy cites Bibb as the largest U.S. Textile manufacturer at that time. It was probably the sixth largest out of a field that once boasted nearly 14 major U.S., vertical (encompassed all facets of production), textile mills. FYI: now there are none -- zero!

Mr. Malloy and Mr. Fedele before him have released and are currently releasing TV commercials that impart to the public complete distortions of the truth -- flat out lies about the facts presented above. I was at Bibb from 1984 through 1989 and I remain in this challenging industry some 26 years later. I know this history very well. I was shocked to see this commercial over the weekend, and I felt compelled to set the record straight for my friends and neighbors.

Please ignore the lies being told by Dan Malloy. Tom Foley will make a great Governor for the state of Connecticut -- that's a genuine fact.

John R. Finegan


Steinberg has talent and skills that Westport needs

The Sierra Club's endorsement of Jonathan Steinberg, candidate for state representative of Westport, is something we both expected and were glad to see. Before endorsing candidates, members of the club take a strict look at candidates' past activities and decisions and query them about knowledge, attitudes and likely future actions.

Making good, practical decisions about environmental issues models how legislators must go about their work in general. Heads of individual companies focus on making decisions predominantly for the benefit of those companies. But as Jonathan Steinberg knows, being a good legislator requires more: gathering the best information available on how decisions will affect multiple -- and often competing -- interests, and fitting it together so that both intended outcomes and unintended consequences can be predicted and weighed in context for the benefit of many constituents. His ability to do this has made him an outstanding town representative.

After having worked with Mr. Steinberg on the RTM, we know he has the talent and skills to make the best decisions. He is always prepared with information, has the experience and ability to make fine distinctions, and the determination to do the right thing for the community in both the short- and long-term. His prodigious experience in volunteering for the town shows how much he cares.

Liz Milwe

Wendy Batteau


Westport/Weston deserves

Jan Bryniczka

The voters of Westport and Weston have the opportunity to vote for a wonderfully-gifted and well-suited person for probate judge, Jacob (Jan) Bryniczka.

As a 27-year resident of Westport, I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have Jan represent me in a variety of legal matters and, just as importantly, not just advise me, but actively coach me regarding the legal issues I was facing. Jan exudes an amazing sense of balance and knowledge of the risks and rewards of legal issues. He has consistently extended himself to counsel me on how to best position my business needs going forward. I have such high regard for Jan Bryniczka that I have also had him represent my wife and son with their legal needs.

Jan has consistently demonstrated his strong caring for our interests in all of these legal matters. I know that in addition to his outstanding experience and reputation, his genuine caring is a rare quality that will immeasurably benefit all that come to Probate Court.

Lewis Zucker


Thanks for no robo calls, Nitzy

Thank you, Nitzy! I was thrilled to read in the paper that you had pledged not to bombard us with any "Robo Calls" in the upcoming election. It was a very neighborly thing to do and I hope you are starting a new Westport political tradition that others will follow.

Nitzy didn't use any of those irritating robo calls in her big primary win and I appreciated it. Somebody told me they got a dozen in one day! I fear the robo plague that is coming in the next few weeks.

Nitzy said it right. Robo calls are annoying, intrusive and always seem to come when you are in the middle of making dinner, when you just sat down to eat or when you are trying to take a nap. We should be able to add political robo calls to the "do not call list."

Well, there are many good reasons to elect Nitzy as our next state representative from Westport. Promising not to send us any robo calls is just one more positive thing about her and almost a good enough reason all by itself.

Carol Asness


Blumenthal has integrity

I am voting for Richard Blumenthal because whatever anyone else may say, in his job as Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal has spent many years protecting the people of this state and has done so with great integrity.

My guess is that no one has ever accused Linda McMahon of having integrity. Not that having integrity is a requirement for holding the office of U.S. senator. But, somehow, my integrity is insulted if she actually thinks that Connecticut voters want a wrestling promoter to represent them in Congress. How much integrity does it take to promote the ridiculous and ribald sport of pre-arranged wrestling matches? How much integrity does it take to protect a doctor who was selling steroids to these professional wrestlers and then ordering a fellow executive to tip off the doctor when it was discovered that a federal investigation was going to take place? How much integrity does it take to lay off 10 percent of her work force at WWE so that she could spend $50 million dollars to buy the votes of Connecticut citizens and go to Washington? That's a very expensive trip.

It will be even more costly for Connecticut citizens who will end up getting the wrong end of the deal. In fact, it seems that anyone who comes into contact with McMahon gets the wrong end of the deal. Connecticut -- throw away all the junk mail you are getting from her and then calculate how much that junk mail is costing. Scary stuff.

Rozanne Gates


Steinberg's local leadership

will work in Hartford, too

I write to voice my support for Jonathan Steinberg for state representative.

I've had the opportunity over the past few years to work with Jonathan in a number of areas, most closely on the Plan Implementation Committee established to make sure that the goals of the town's Plan of Conservation and Development are being addressed; he chairs the Downtown Plan Subcommittee of that group. Also, I have worked closely with him on "Celebrate Westport," a gathering of nonprofit organizations that seeks to unify efforts in support of the arts and other cultural activities in town. Jonathan has spearheaded the Westport Community Cinema Initiative as it has evolved, recognizing that this effort would further build community and help revitalize downtown -- two areas he is clearly passionate about.

His experience as deputy moderator of the RTM, his work on the committees and initiatives mentioned above, his love of Westport -- that involvement is easy to grasp from his literature. But what is really most important are the attributes that are evident from actually working with Jonathan, because these are what we should want in our state representative, and these are what will propel him not just to be in the state egislature -- but to be a leader. Jonathan is very smart, very thoughtful and very detail oriented. He listens and he pushes back, so as to clarify that he really understands and after he takes it all in, synthesizes and arrives at a plan of action. Nothing is off the cuff with Jonathan.

Finally, let me say that I believe that there are issues in our state that are absolutely critical, but may not be on the short list for those of us privileged to live in Westport. The achievement gap in Connecticut -- that is the gap between poor students and their wealthier peers -- remains the biggest in the country and it does impact the fiscal health of our state and all who pay taxes here. Connecticut has lost "Race to the Top" money because we did not get the necessary reforms in place. I know this is an area that is near and dear to Jonathan, and one where he will be a leader -- utilizing all the skills so evident on the local level to effect needed change in Hartford.

Please join me in supporting Jonathan Steinberg for state representative.

Shelly Kassen


Dan Debicella is the clear choice

Dan Debicella is the outstanding choice for our congressman in the 4th Congressional District. He is a state senator and businessman whose experience gives him a clear edge in representing District 4 residents.

Dan is listening to the voices of Connecticut residents who are fed up with the obscene growth of government and taxes. Dan wants to restore the values of free enterprise and individual liberty to Washington.

Jim Himes has done absolutely nothing for Connecticut and has voted for every single Obama-Pelosi spending proposal that has come before Congress. The cap and trade legislation which he supports will cost Connecticut residents hundreds of extra dollars in their energy costs. And what about Obamacare? Himes voted for it. Now we have our own government budget office claiming that health care costs will rise substantially when this goes into effect.

Dan's proposals to cut spending and lower taxes will help bring business back to Connecticut. We desperately need Dan Debicella's clear, cogent voice in Congress. Let's elect him and get back on the right track.

Andrea Britell


Steinberg's leadership needed in Hartford

Four years ago when I retired after 16 years as president of the Westport-Weston Chamber of Commerce, downtown Westport was a thriving, active community. People came from as far away as New York City and northern Connecticut to shop and dine here.

Unfortunately that is no longer the case, and the Town Plan of Conservation and Development, which was updated in 2007, sought to address the issue of renewal.

Jonathan Steinberg was appointed chairman of a subcommittee created to seek ways to revive the area of Westport's downtown. He has been working diligently, with his committee, to encourage smaller retailers to be part of the economic center of Westport. Other objectives of the group are: to use a town/business collaboration to enhance Parker Harding parking lot, to encourage riverfront enhancements and to bring more nightlife to downtown.

Now Jonathan is running on the Democratic ticket for the Connecticut State Legislature. I encourage all Westporters to vote for him so that he can bring his energy for business and government collaboration to Hartford. His track record of leadership in our town makes him eminently able to help create jobs and boost our economy.

Lois Schine


Nitzy for state representative

Westport is fortunate to have Nitzy Cohen running for state representative.

Over the past few years I have come to know her as a passionate and strong advocate for Westport. Those who know her, know she is a fighter. That's what it's going to take to reverse two decades of overspending by a Democrat-controlled Connecticut legislature which, for the past four years, has had a "veto proof" majority in Hartford.

For 20 years the legislature has lined the pockets of the state workers' unions while making it tougher and tougher for businesses to stay here. The largest employer in Connecticut is currently the state. We now face a $4 billion budget shortfall due in part to unfunded pension liabilities to these same state employees. We need private sector jobs not public sector jobs. The sad result is that CNBC recently ranked Connecticut 47th out of 50 for the cost of doing business.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. It's time to do something different. I urge you to vote for Nitzy Cohen on Nov. 2.

Steven Violette


Steinberg's support for arts paints

nice picture

I am writing to support the candidacy of Jonathan Steinberg, who is seeking the office of state representative from the 136th District.

Jonathan is uniquely qualified for this position and will be an effective advocate for the needs of Westport. Among Jonathan's many accomplishments, I especially want to emphasize his strong support and understanding of our town's significant cultural heritage. As a former member of the boards of the Westport Public Library and Westport Arts Center, and the current co-chair of the Westport Arts Advisory Committee, I can personally attest to Jonathan's ongoing efforts to enrich the artistic vitality of our community. His thoughtful initiatives and talent for building consensus have contributed meaningfully to the enhancement of the arts.

Serving as a former chair and current member of the RTM Library, Museum and the Arts Committee, Jonathan has encouraged support for cultural institutions, successfully challenged arts organizations to rethink their missions and urged them to work together. A founding member of the Westport Community Cinema Initiative, he is helping to forge a broad alliance of fellow residents to bring substantial film programs to town. I am confident that Jonathan's dedication to the arts is indicative of his sincere commitment to our town and the highest ideals of public service.

David Rubinstein