Connecticut has all the components to be the most successful and productive state in the union. However, our representatives in Hartford have taken us down the path to fiscal disaster, and I am truly worried that they cannot stop themselves from dragging us right over the edge.

I could write pages on what I call Hartford's "legislative malpractice," but I will just give you the "lowlights" on how bad the fiscal picture looks.

Connecticut's new budget was $500 million in deficit the moment it was passed. Moreover, in the last few years, borrowing, budget manipulation and accounting gimmicks have masked recurring deficits. The legislature has deceived you and keeps "kicking the fiscal problem down the road" compounding it every year so that our long term deficit is now $3 billion.

Connecticut is the official "taxpayer hell" leader. Our combined Federal, State and local tax burden makes us the highest taxed citizens in the country and Hartford only wants more (especially from Fairfield County). Our borrowing has spiraled out of control so much so that Connecticut has the highest per capita debt of any state in America and Hartford still can't get enough. Fitch rating agency has downgraded our bond status and independent studies have characterized Connecticut as one of the least competitive and least friendly business environments. No company wants to be here, expand here or come here, if they can help it. So much for future private sector business growth and job creation. Not with this legislature.

How did we get to this terrible state of affairs, you ask? Problem number one is that we have a dangerous imbalance in our legislature -- 114 Democrats to 37 Republicans. This is called a "super majority" because they can overrule any veto of the governor and do not have to listen to anyone or compromise in any way. Bottom line: we have lost our system of "checks and balances" in Connecticut. Americans know that government is best when there is balance. Connecticut's out of control legislative super majority is addicted to spending, taxing and borrowing and they must be stopped. Restoring legislative "balance" is the only way to start.

Connecticut's budgeting practices and accounting systems are fraudulent and deceptive. The legislative super majority is totally dominated by government sector union interests and its primary concern is maintaining political control, expanding government employee numbers, protecting their salaries, and enriching health and pension benefits. The majority of this self-indulgent largess is paid for by our Fairfield County tax dollars.

I am running for office to bring legislative balance back to Hartford and to turn things around fiscally before it's too late. We are in the 11th hour, but we still have a small window of opportunity to fix things and get back on a sustainable path. I am the only true fiscal conservative in the race for the 136th district state representative and the only one who will be willing to make the hard decisions and tough choices necessary.

I am doing this for my family and yours. I hope you will support me on primary day, Aug. 10, and in the November general election.

Nitzy Cohen will primary for the Republican candidacy in Connecticut's 136th congressional district race.