DeeDee Brandt is an

`outstanding candidate'

I am writing to encourage my fellow Westporters who live in state representative District 133 to vote for DeeDee Brandt on Nov. 2.

Most of Westport is focused on another State Representative election, but many of us in the Green's Farms area are linked to Greenfield Hill section of Fairfield by a shared state representative district. With comparable demographics and common state issues, this geographic combination actually makes sense as a legislative district. DeeDee Brandt also makes sense as an outstanding candidate to represent our community in Hartford.

DeeDee is a long time resident of the Greenfield Hill area. She has served three terms on the Fairfield RTM and is a former member of Fairfield's Board of Finance. She has held numerous volunteer leadership positions including tri-chairman of the annual Greenfield Hill Dogwood Festival, chairman of an environmental task force and board member of a supportive housing organization. She has also offered strong personal support of children and families by serving as a foster parent, volunteering with the School Volunteer Association of Bridgeport and as a guide/teacher with the Mill River Wetland program, which is an integral part of Fairfield's elementary school science curriculum. And further related to the education of our town's children, she has received the endorsement of two former Fairfield Board of Education chairmen and a former president of the Fairfield PTA Council.

With 15 years corporate experience at IBM and a record of strong civic involvement, it is clear that DeeDee Brandt will be an effective, strong advocate for the Green's Farms area.

DeeDee Brandt will get my vote in November; I hope she will get yours as well.

James Marpe

Member, Westport Board of Education

Brandt committed to Republican principles

When I learned that DeeDee Brandt was going to be running for Connecticut's General Assembly, I was happy to lend my support to her campaign. I have known DeeDee for more than 15 years and have worked with her on educational issues and other matters that make our community such a fine place to live.

DeeDee is a very smart, hard-working and an honest individual. She is an independent thinker who does her homework and is fully committed to the sound Republican principles of fiscal responsibility, accountability in government, and job creation.

It is clear that we need new leadership that understands that our public funds must be spent wisely and efficiently, and that they are elected to serve their constituency, not the other way around. Now more than ever we need someone with DeeDee's business background and experience, integrity and willingness to speak out forcefully on issues important to our district and our state.

I urge you to support DeeDee Brandt on Election Day and help make her our next state legislator from the 133rd District.

John Madeo

Former chairman, Fairfield Board of Education


Steinberg works

for Westport

I'm supporting Jonathan Steinberg to be our next state representative.

I have worked with Jonathan on the RTM for five years and on several volunteer committees, and I have consistently found that he is not only one of the most diligent members of each group that he becomes part of, but that he also quickly rises to a position of leadership. This is due to his considerable talents and expertise, his willingness to roll up his sleeves and devote the time needed to dig into details, and his ability to present his ideas clearly and persuasively.

In addition, Jonathan brings to everything he does the experience of a longtime Westporter. These are traits that will serve him well as our representative in Hartford.

Please join me in voting for Jonathan Steinberg for State Representative on November 2nd.

Eileen L. Flug


Brandt a rare candidate with real experience

Green's Farms and Fairfield residents are lucky to have DeeDee Brant, a devoted, selfless public servant who is running for the Connecticut State Legislature in the 133rd District. I have known DeeDee Brandt for more than 15 years and have seen first-hand her unending dedication to family, school, church and town. She is a person who gives freely and altruistically of her time, energy and intellect to address tasks and issues that affect the lives of all those around her. The many causes to which she has leant her intellect, business acumen and boundless energy are the PTA, church boards and committees, as a compassionate foster parent to a newborn at risk, a defender of our water sheds leading environmental task forces and many nonprofit organizations, and as a member of the Fairfield RTM and the Board of Finance.

I have always been struck by DeeDee's honesty and integrity, her motivation to right the wrongs she sees and her unflagging willingness to lend her support where needed. She grasps the intricacies of complex issues with ease and her innate sense of service and responsibility drive her to apply these abilities for the common good. Knowing that the best place to start is right here at home, she has planted herself firmly in the political and public arenas of Fairfield, advocating tirelessly and tenaciously for the best interests of our citizens.

Regardless of your political affiliation, you can count on DeeDee to research, investigate, study and develop good solutions to difficult issues and not just conform to those that are politically expedient. This is a rare candidate with true convictions who can also back up her platform of education, environmental support and fiscal responsibility with real experience. I have no doubt that she will take on the issues of Hartford's wasteful spending and attack Connecticut's unemployment with the same dedication and intellect she has so often shown.

I encourage you to vote for DeeDee Brandt for the Connecticut State Legislature. She has my vote!

Marianne Ruscito Head


Residents can count

on Kim Fawcett

Now more than ever our state needs strong, experienced leaders to help rebuild our economy and create new jobs. Fairfield and Westport are fortunate to have such a leader in state Rep. Kim Fawcett. Over the last four years as our representative, Kim has distinguished herself as one of Connecticut's hardest-working, most outspoken and most effective legislators.

As a member of the Fairfield Board of Finance and a local Realtor, I understand how important it is for all of us -- at every level of government -- to do our part to control spending and begin planting the seeds for new prosperity. Kim shares this view. That's why she voted "no" on the 2010-11 biennial state budget, joining with other moderate Democrats in an organized effort to demand that the level of borrowing be drastically reduced. Kim has demonstrated that she is fiscally responsible and willing to stand up for our district in this very challenging economy.

Many difficult decisions lie ahead as our state struggles to cut costs while maintaining vital services. It's important to have people we can count on to make intelligent, informed choices on competing priorities, to make the tough calls and to withstand the heat of the looming budget battles. Kim has proven she will stand up for us when it counts! And that's why she'll have my vote on Nov. 2.

Please consider giving Kim your support too.

Mike Tetreau


Jonathan Steinberg is

a consensus builder

As a colleague of Jonathan Steinberg on the RTM, I have been impressed with his grasp of the important issues, his ability to be a consensus builder and his experience with the budgeting process that he acquired in the private sector.

His qualities and experience will serve us well in Hartford in this time of large state budget deficits and the need to make our state government more efficient. I urge all of you to join me in voting for Jonathan Steinberg for state representative on Nov. 2.

Allen Bomes


Proud to have Brandt

as a representative

I endorse my friend, Dee Dee Brandt, for the Connecticut State Legislature, 133rd District.

We worked together while she was president of the Greenfield Hill Village Improvement Society and on several neighborhood projects. DeeDee is smart and very well organized, and really "gets it." I would feel very proud to have her represent me in our state government.

Carolyn Rogers


A John Kerry moment?

Representative Kim Fawcett may have had a John Kerry moment last week regarding the Connecticut state budget.

In 2006 Presidential candidate Kerry infamously described his Iraq vote as, "I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it."

In "The State Budget: A Primer on the Process," Rep. Fawcett details her vote against the state budget but amazingly (suspiciously) neglects to disclose her Appropriations Committee vote for the state budget.

While Ms. Fawcett waffles on budget votes, more troubling is that she offers not a single recommendation to address the massive budget deficit facing Connecticut. Let me suggest a few questions voters would like answered before November.

Rep. Fawcett voted against the budget because it borrowed money. Was she in favor of tax increases or spending cuts to balance the budget? Did she vote for the recent income tax increase? As a member of the Appropriations committee, does she have any recommendations on how to address looming deficits? And does she have the toughness to stand up to the state employee union to cut the massive fat in number of employees, cadillac health benefits or unsustainable pension benefits? Or will she offer business as usual in Hartford and continue to pass regulations and taxes on business to hasten their departure?

These are the questions voters are interested in, not the arcane budget process that has led Connecticut to the highest debt per capita in the nation while Ms. Fawcett has been a member of the Appropriations Committee.

Bill Stapleton


The independence of Kim Fawcett

As the chairperson of an Appropriations subcommittee, Kim Fawcett has spent the last two years putting a microscope to our state budget on our behalf.

Her recent op-ed outlined not only her knowledge of the budget process but her understanding of the politics she has been embroiled in. She understands it is not business as usual. Our state is in trouble. She has made a commitment to reduce state spending as job one.

One of Kim's best qualities is her willingness to say it like it is. She is not afraid to speak her mind and fight for the people of Fairfield and Westport. Kim is not a quitter like her opponent who, by the way, quit the Fairfield Board of Finance, but a fighter.

If you have ever had the opportunity to work along side Kim you would know she is a ball of energy and enthusiasm who works for the people, not special interests. She is a thoughtful, smart legislator who clearly understands how to engage the government on our behalf. She deserves to go back to Hartford! We need her voice, her backbone and her conviction to fight for us in the state capitol. We don't need to elect a quitter but a doer. Kim Fawcett is that person!

Bob Stone


A vote for Brandt is a vote for fiscal sanity

There is a very able person running for the General Assembly in the 133rd District, and her name is DeeDee Brandt.

DeeDee spent many years in the business world, raised her family, then served on both the RTM and the Board of Finance. As a result, she not only knows the Town of Fairfield well, but she knows how government budgets work. She also knows how politicians can play games with them and abuse the process. She is absolutely opposed to borrowing to finance day-to-day government operations. DeeDee, like many of us, has become appalled at the huge deficits being run up by the Democrat-controlled legislature in Hartford which are being funded by public debt, and has dedicated herself to getting elected to the assembly so she can go up there and start changing things.

As should be evident from the way she has run her campaign, she is a hardworking, detail-oriented person, and she will bring both of those disciplines with her to Hartford.

A vote for DeeDee is a vote for fiscal sanity and common sense. She has my complete support and I hope she has yours too.

Douglas Soutar


Nation, state need fiscal conservatives

During my years as a selectman of Greenwich, I got to know and to personally like Dick Blumenthal, Dan Malloy and Jim Himes. And I respect all of them for their dedicated service to the citizens of Connecticut.

But let's face it -- Washington and Hartford are governmental disasters. Nationally, we have trillion dollar deficits; sky-high unemployment; a multibillion dollar, pork-filled stimulus package that didn't work during the depression and is not working now; a health care bill that the majority of Americans do not want and virtually no one has read; a financial reform package that fails to address Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the root causes of the financial meltdown; and an administration that is suing Arizona for trying to enforce our immigration laws. Similarly, our state government has given us multi-billion dollar deficits, together with the highest taxes per capita and among the most number of state employees per capita in the country.

Given all this, do we really want to send more liberal politicians to Washington and Hartford? Or should we elect fiscally conservative, free market business executives with proven records of success in the private sector?

Rather than worrying about what the candidates have (or have not) done in the past, let's focus on what they will do in the future. On that basis, the choices are clear. Please join me on Nov. 2 in supporting Linda McMahon for the Senate, Tom Foley for Governor and Dan Debicella for the House.

Peter Crumbine

Former selectman, Town of Greenwich

Impresssed by Fawcett's energy, commitment

By now just about everyone who lives in the 133rd District of Fairfield and Westport has seen Kim Fawcett out walking door to door. Maybe you have even met her as she trekked through our town this summer for the fourth time in less than five years. She is a high energy, enthusiastic leader who will listen and always cares.

More importantly, when campaign season ends our state representative turns her energy on the legislature with a sense of focus and commitment that continues to impress. Kim's work in the legislature is bold. She has taken a stand for our town and our region, made tough decisions to vote against her party when necessary and asks challenging questions that cut through politics and get answers. Connecticut faces an uphill climate in 2011 and Fairfield and Westport need Kim Fawcett leading and getting results that matter.

Jay Wolk