Perv halt

Let the Catholic priests marry, as they married in the original church. They are above the sacred vow of matrimony and turn into perverts, harming young children for life.

It is the only way to save the disgrace and disgust with the Roman Catholic Church. The popes are all too weak to effect the needed change.

I am a Roman Catholic, but I only go to church for visits. Save our children from these priests. It's a disgusting disgrace. The church is superior in that it has the confessional. It has saved many lives. Petition your bishop, your priests, your cardinals, your weak pope and save the Catholic church and young boys.

Gay Dugan Hoherchak


Stirring up persecution

Under the guise of protecting children, some in the mainstream media (aka the lame-stream media) are attempting to camouflage their real goal of "getting" the Catholic church and Pope Benedict XVI.

For example, many in the media reminded us repeatedly, Michael Jackson should be presumed innocent of sexual molestation until proven guilty. No such presumption of innocence has been trumpeted by the media for anyone in the Catholic church. There is a non-stop drumbeat of phony finger-pointing and condemnation.

Michael Jackson was not convicted because there was no physical evidence. Catholic priests, dead and buried for 30 to 50 years, with no chance to defend themselves, have been convicted by the many in the news media. Even though no physical evidence existed.

This double-standard and deception by some in the media seems to stir up desired persecution of the Catholic church and Pope Benedict.

Many hard-working individuals, because they are very busy trying to support their families, don't have time to sift through media propaganda and mistakenly trust they are being told the truth.

If the guilty in the media were sincere about protecting children, they would be conducting non-stop investigative reporting in all areas of our society, where sexual molestation is an ongoing scourge. One example is our public schools.

Is stirring up persecution toward the Catholic church and the pope many in the media's real goal?

Anthony J. Gilbertie