Parks and Rec keeps Staples' Loeffler Field

in excellent condition

Now that the 2010 Staples High School boys soccer team is history, we'd like to thank the Westport Parks and Recreation Department for their role in helping us win our third straight FCIAC championship, and reach the finals of the "LL" state tournament.

The Parks and Rec. staff did an amazing job keeping Loeffler Field in shape. Visiting teams are awed by how great our field looked, even at the end of the season. We thank Stuart McCarthy, Tim Burke, and everyone else who devoted so much time and energy to providing us with a fantastic field.

The 2010 Staples High School

boys soccer team

Forget a deer hunt,

just give them cigarettes

The controversy regarding control of the Westport deer population balances the self evident need to reduce the threat and nuisance these animals represent to motorists, gardeners, and general health against the threat posed by people with guns and bows. Whereas it could be fatal to hit a deer on Route 1 at 40 miles per hour, one might well be shot by the hunter chasing it.

Deer have been demonstrably resistant to birth control, either due to lax practices or religious convictions. Their increasing numbers shows that abstinence campaigns have fallen on deaf ears, and fewer and fewer deer are delaying sexual activity until marriage.

It might be helpful to enlist the deer themselves in their own population control through the introduction and promotion of smoking among Westport deer. Smoking kills 200,000 Americans a year with only 17 percent of the population using tobacco which severely restricts advertising and employs heavy taxation. If we were to advertise to deer and lift the state and federal tax on all deer cigarette sales, we could devastate the population without the hazard that hunting poses.

I would suggest advertising to young deer who might be more prone to messages suggesting smoking to be socially enhancing, perhaps a cartoon caricature of all that is cool amongst foraging ruminants.

In short, let the tobacco companies do to deer what they have done to us -- kill them in large numbers.

Josh Fleischmann


Deer could help

feed the hungry

I read with interest your lead article on the (civil?) debate on Nov. 17, at our RTM, about the problem of deer over-population. While I have a like/dislike relationship with our co-inhabitants of the woods in which we all live, I was dismayed to not read about what I think is a vital element in this equation. During this season in particular -- in New England, no less -- how have we overlooked that venison is a high-protein, low-fat solution to the dwindling food-bank stores in our growing regional population of the hungry?

With all apologies to my dear neighbor, Jim, whose family has named some of our cute co-inhabitants, surely this belongs in the argument as part of an elegant solution to two real problems.

P.S. I now see it's never clever to give names to your food.

Norman R. Klein, Ph.D.


Saugatuck Congregational invites community to feast

Dear friends of Saugatuck Congregational Church's feasts:

Saugatuck Congregational Church in Westport will host its 40th Annual Community Pot Luck (food is provided by donors, not by guests), Thanksgiving Day Feast on Nov. 25 and Christmas Day Feast on Dec. 25. These celebrations are open to all people in the area, from all walks of life, including the homeless, those who are lonely and folks who simply want to share a meal with others. Volunteers also deliver meals to those whom are homebound.

All of the suggested food served, such as turkey, stuffing, vegetables and desserts, is generously contributed by area merchants and donors or purchased by the Mission Board. The cooking and serving is done entirely by volunteers and live entertainment is also generously contributed. Any remaining unopened/unused food is donated to the area food pantries to help fulfill the continuing needs.

A charge of $1 is required to enter and all proceeds are donated to the Mission Board to be dispersed to area agencies focused on the homeless and the hungry. This required fee has been underwritten by an anonymous donor; there will be no door charge.

Please don't hesitate to call on me if you have any questions, or know of a homebound person that would need our comfort. I can be reached at 203-952-7115.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.

Randy Christophersen

Donations coordinator

Saugatuck Congregational Church

Where is the humanity?

What do they think a government's for?

To keep things as they were before,

Then screw the vets, the sick, the poor

And waste the wild and foul the air

And shift responsibility

For all good works to charity,

While programs that were meant to care

For all those not a billionaire,

Impractical and altruistic,

So costly and so socialistic,

Dismantle and without remorse,

Dispatch to Wall Street's rocky course

And make no effort to appease

Those whose jobs were shipped overseas

Nor ever could become disloyal

To all that benefits Big Oil.

The NRA they'll always woo

(Guns don't kill, only people do)

And making sure to emphasize

They'll never, never compromise.

The opposition derailed in shame,

Made to take whatever blame,

At last, the very best thing still --

A single party on The Hill.

Victorious, the GOP,

With CEOs ruling DC,

Who're not for peace but waging war.

That's what they think a government's for.

Elizabeth Gerteiny