Tighten ship at Compo Beach

I read a recent op-ed by Ms. Collins regarding the Department of Parks and Recreation [Westport News, Nov. 10].

I definitely agree that this department enhances the quality of life for our community. However, I share the following comments that I have sent to Ms. Collins:

1. I have have a yearly locker at Compo. This area is often/always littered with garbage consisting mostly of food which is left either on the ground or in vacant unlocked, open lockers.

This of course can attract rodents, etc. Also this area often has broken chairs, umbrellas and articles of discarded clothing left out for weeks at a time.

Is there any monitoring of this area? If so how often?

2. Can parking for out-of-state visitors be confined to the parking lot across from the main parking area?

Upon observation last year, nearly half of the spaces facing Compo were taken up by these cars, depriving taxpayers the use of these convenient parking spaces.

It might also ease entry to the beach if out-of state cars didn't delay residents from entering the beach, especially on weekends.

3. Are lifeguards on duty allowed to have radios with popular music on the lifeguard stand? Twice this past season I had to ask the lifeguard on duty to lower the volume of their radio, which they did.

My compliments to the majority of workers in Parks and Recreation at Compo for their helpful and positive attitude.

We just need to tighten the ship to make Compo the town jewel it is meant to be.

John DeLibero


Bush's new book revealing

Despite humanizing anecdotes and glossing over of negative initiatives, oversights and omissions in the George W. Bush memoir, Decision Points, just released, ghost-written by Christopher Michel, Mr. Bush's former speechwriter, the essentials of the Bush tenure must not be forgotten.

Mr. Bush continues to defend his war in Iraq.

The previous president told Matt Lauer shortly before publication that he is "a contented man." His regrets appear to be minor.

Does this suggest some important lack in his psyche and character?

Elizabeth Gerteiny


Thanks Gavin

I was saddened to hear that Gavin Anderson has been forced to resign from his various positions in town government. He will surely be missed.

In these contentious and difficult times, his was a singular voice of reason and nonpartisan civility.

Gavin, thanks for your many years of selfless service to the Town of Westport and its people.

I hope your future is bright.

Will Rowlands


Fawcett thankful

for support

In the quiet of the days since last week's election, I have taken some time to reflect and appreciate not only the campaign experiences of the past five months but also the seriousness of the job that lies ahead.

Words cannot express the thankfulness I feel toward each of the more than 100 people that volunteered time to join my team and help accomplish more outreach than thought possible. While I plan to take the time to reach out to each of you individually over the next several weeks, I simply cannot say thank you enough times for your contribution.

The voters of Fairfield and Westport also bucked a trend this year by returning me to Hartford. Your faith in me on Election Day spoke volumes to your expectations and desire for a personal connection to government and a representative that will think independently, work hard and deliver solid results. I am very cognizant of the job and trust you have placed in me and will go above and beyond over the next two years as I continue to raise the bar on what it means to be a state representative.

I have also been blessed with extraordinary friends who truly dedicated themselves to achieve this win. Heather Dean, my treasurer, was on top of our books every step of the way and handled the enormous loads of paperwork and filings with grace. Cristin McCarthy-Vahey, my campaign manager, is thoughtful, bold and smart, and without her calm focus I certainly would have been lost. Maureen Whiting has been on this journey into politics with me since it began as just an idea back in 2005. She is an extraordinarily talented professional communications director and it never ceases to amaze me how she can turn the blandest of op-eds, press releases, blog posts or campaign literature into perfectly crafted works of art.

This week I have already begun to prepare for the 2011 session that begins on Jan. 4. I will incorporate many of the ideas you all brought to me as I trekked through our town and to your homes. I encourage you to reconnect with me on those issues that matter to you most and hope you will always feel comfortable reaching out or calling me directly to discuss your concerns.

Kim Fawcett

State representative

133rd District, Fairfield and Westport