Community support

On behalf of the Staples High School PTA, we'd like to express our thanks and appreciation to the following local businesses and community organizations who provided funding or in-kind donations to the annual post-prom and post-graduation celebrations for the 2010 SHS senior class, as well as to the Senior Class Lunch, Staff Appreciation Luncheon and the graduation day ceremony and reception.

Thank you to Fitness Factory, Gault, Freudigman and Billings, Dr. Blanery, The Minute Man, Sakura, Sam Sloat Coins, Superior Seafood, Target Training, The Black Duck, WestWalk Orthodontics, Westport Pizza, The Westport Woman's Club, The Princeton Review, and our fellow Westport PTAs at the elementary and middle school levels for their generous donations to this year's post-prom and post-graduation celebrations. These funds help SHS PTA put on and promote two fun drug-and-alcohol-free events for graduating seniors at a very special, yet potentially vulnerable time in their lives. Our heartfelt thanks also to the Parks & Recreation, fire and police departments, as well as Joey's By The Shore who collaborate with us to provide these annual events for the senior class.

In addition, thank you to Party City for their donations to the Staff Appreciation Lunch; to Steaz Drinks and Fizz Ed Drinks for their donation to the Senior Class Lunch; to Newman's Own, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Stew Leonard's, Stop & Shop and Trader Joe's for their donations to the graduation day reception; and to Izzo's for the graduation ceremony decorations. And of course to all the parents who donated their time, energy and support to all of the graduation celebrations.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Daybreak Nurseries and to Gault for their generosity in helping spruce up the Nistico Field House entrances on graduation day.

The SHS PTA is grateful for all of the local business and community organization support, as well as the many hours of volunteering and contributions from the SHS parent community.

Lee Saveliff and Sandra Rappaport,

SHS PTA Co-Presidents;

Dabney Mahoney and April Book,

SHS PTA vice presidents, graduation


Please don't leave pets in cars when it's hot

Now that hot weather is here, it is time to remind everyone of the dangers associated with leaving companion animals unattended in parked vehicles.

Animals, like young children, can die in cars. When it is 85 degrees outdoors, the interior of a car can skyrocket to 102 degrees in only 10 minutes, 120 degrees in 30 minutes. Opening windows won't help; short exposure may result in severe injury or death.

Ensuring our dogs' safety is the primary reason for keeping them home on hot days. Another incentive? The fine for endangering the life of an animal in this manner can be up to $1,000.

Our pets are best left at home when temperatures rise. They'd thank us for doing so if they could.

Eve Nadel Catarevas


SafeRides success

Although Westport may have a big-city budget, we are so appreciative to be the recipients of Westport's small-town caring.

As SafeRides of Westport finishes up its first year of service to the teenagers in town, the new board would like to first thank Alex Dulin, the driving force, and her founding SafeRides Board: Jenny Johnston, Mac Mombello, Lexi Presser, Carolyn Weverbergh, Matt Brill, Colin Carrol, and juniors, Jake McCambley and Haylee Winikoff, who will continue on the new board, for their determination to get this program up and running -- first with two cars every Saturday night and now with three. They found the volunteers, did the training and made the policies. There were three adults behind the scenes: Julie Mombello, Elaine Daginault and Jack Klinge (does he ever sleep?) and we are lucky that they are not graduating and will continue with the program, giving us gentle guidance.

Enthusiasm alone doesn't pay the bills, or work out practical problems with curfew laws, etc. The Safe Rides program couldn't have happened without the active support of the Westport Police Department, the culinary and entertainment support every Saturday night of Westport Pizzeria and Blockbuster, and the financial support of Staples' PTA and TAG, as well as the PTAs of Coleytown Elementary School, Long Lots Elementary School, Green's Farms Elementary School, Coleytown Middle School and Bedford Middle School. Groups such as Sunrise Rotary and Dennis Wong, and PAL, all stepped up to support SafeRides, demonstrating, once again, the bedrock community spirit of Westport and support for this program.

We drove hundreds of kids home this past year. Who knows how many used us as a taxi service, but if we kept just one person safe by having them in one of our cars, SafeRides is a success. Our next year begins right after school starts in September. Staples High School or Greens Farms Academy students can contact any of us or Mrs. Mombello for training dates to join SafeRides.

Drew Appleman, Becca Bobrow, Lindsay Bernard, Scott Feder, Courtney Garzone, Conor Homscheid, Griffin Katz, Maddy Mann, Jake McCambley, Haley Winikoff