Success at senior center

On behalf of Sue Pfister and the rest of the staff at The Westport Center for Senior Activities, we would like to thank all of those who came out and supported the garden, took a tour and just enjoyed an afternoon on the terrace with us. All of this happened with the support of many in the community: Party City, Max's Art Supply, Roly Poly, Stop and Shop, Stew Leonards, Fresh Market and from our farmers market, Sugar and Olives, Nothing But... and Skinny Pines.

We have had the good fortune this year of wonderful volunteer help from the National Charity League, S.L.O.B.S., Community Service Corps and many other individuals who just like to be a part of the center. Musical Groups from Staples Highs School, Greens Farms Academy and other local groups have volunteered over the year to bring an array of wonderful musical acts for us all to enjoy. Of course the garden would not have been possible without the generosity of Westport GVI who generously underwrote the cost of this beautiful new addition to the center.

For those of you who have not seen it yet, please stop by and visit us at 21 Imperial Ave. To everyone who has supported the center in so many ways, we thank you.

Lisa Marriott, program specialist;

Sue Pfister, director;

The Westport Center

For Senior Activities

A big thank you

I would like to send my congratulations to George Weigle and Alice Lipson for creating an enduring love of music and the arts at Staples High School.

While I was not a student under Lipson, I have the honor of being a student of Weigle. It was my joy and privilege to be an Orphenian, in the All-State Choir, the A Capella Choir and other music groups at Staples. Weigle always required a level of excellence in preparation, performance and commitment. During rehearsals, I well remember him looking over the tops of his glasses at me and I knew I was off key! He reached out his hand and helped me to achieve goals far beyond my dreams.

Weigle brought us together with common purpose, a joy for giving to our community and instilling pride in ourselves. My sentimental memories allow me to visit a time and place that will forever be in my heart. Thank you, Mr. Weigle.

And thank you, too, Ms. Lipson for carrying forth the legacy of Weigle and for your special innovative contributions.

As your students, we are better persons for your presence in our lives. A big thank you.

Patricia (White) Dunn,

Staples High School Class of 1962,

Lake Park, N.C.