Blinky red

That tiny fraction of Westporters which actually reads these letters can now escape punishment for their many crimes, by just following this advice: Keep your car's decorations in tip-top shape.

More this year than ever, the police gossip column carries examples of this amusing narrative: "Police stopped a car with a [slanty license plate] [cracked tail light] [lumpy tire] [dark window] [unfashionable paint color] [dim headlight] [no seat belt] and then noticed, purely by chance, [an odor of marijuana / alcohol / overdue diaper change] [arrest warrant for the driver] [incorrect paperwork] [pile of clothing with price tags] [snarly passenger] [heap of little-boy nude photos] and then made an arrest for [various crimes and misdemeanors]."

I myself was stopped for an unlit license plate. When the officer, sniffing and peeking, learned that it was my wife's car, stopped in our own driveway, he said a friendly good-bye. Still, I have obtained a new lamp and will install it as soon as this chilly weather goes away.

Apparently the Westport police learned before the rest of us that we are all sinners. But if you must sin, and sin you must, keep your vehicle's appearance above reproach.

David Royce


Golf tournament success

The Westport Center for Senior Activities and members of the boys and girls golf teams from Staples High School recently participated in the ninth annual intergenerational golf tournament at Longshore Club & Park. Coaches Tom Owen, Bob Byiteck and Patty Kondub are to be commended for coordinating and organizing the Staples players in such a fine manner. Co-captains Dylan Murray and Kirk Massie are to be recognized for their extra efforts, too. Each foursome consisted of two seniors and two students so it was a true intergenerational experience for all. I might add, the oldest participant this year was 90 years old!

Despite tough economic times, the community was very generous and we'd like to specifically recognize Jasmine Chinese restaurant, the Athletic Shoe Factory, Colonial Drug, Fairfield County Bank, Izzo's Country Gardens, Mario's Place Restaurant, Mitchells of Westport, Impact Sports (Tom McCain), TD Banknorth, Westport Parks and Recreation Department, Longshore Pro Shop, the Friends of the Center, Roly Poly, Maria Martorello, Dana Johnson, Art Gottlieb, Mindy Bays, Phyllis Groner, Margaret Pinherio and all the players who participated in this wonderful event. All proceeds are used to maintain the fitness room at the center.

Susan L. Pfister, Director,

Westport Center for Senior Activities

`More of Moore'

We are just reaching the first anniversary of the selection of Frances Moore as Editor of the Wesport News. Ms. Moore succeeded Will Rowlands in April 2009

Since Moore's appointment, it has been my sense that the quality of the reporting in the Westport News has improved, particularly in that the stories reflect more depth, greater attention to detail and a real attempt to undertake some investigative reporting. In addition, I have found most of her editorial pieces to be well thought out, well written and perceptive. The recent editorial on the Green's Farms electrical substation is a case in point.

Over the past year, the Westport News, including on its editorial page, has presented a series of stories and commentary on "downtown" Westport. The News has kept Westporters informed, often in advance, of important actions taken or considered by the Planning & Zoning Commission and has supplemented those stories and many others pertaining to budgetary matters, RTM actions and personal interest stories with effective editorial comment. It is not hyperbole to suggest that Moore's editorials regularly achieve the fundamental purpose of all editorials, namely, to promote thoughtful consideration of issues of public importance. Whether or not one agrees or disagrees with the commentary of Moore on the editorial page of the Westport News, I believe that over the past year we have been presented with numerous editorials and perspectives which address issues truly important to Westport. The fact that Moore makes these written contribution with clarity and style makes her message all the more effective.

I look forward to "more of Moore."

Don Bergmann