A caution for

Postal Service users

Twice over the last few weeks, while walking our dog, I have found stamped, un-post-marked mail in strange places near the road. In both cases, within a mile of Staples High School, the mail turned out to be very important communications including significant personal checks.

Upon investigation, it turned out that in both cases, the mail had been left in personal rural mailboxes for pickup.

While I have, as has at least one of the parties involved, notified the U.S. Postal Inspector, I would recommend that Westport residents not leave mail for pickup in their street boxes unless they won't be inconvenienced if it doesn't get to its destination.

Joel R. Hallas


Wizards of Oz

Commissioners Ron Corwin, Eleanor Lowenstein, David Press and Howard Lathrop: I would like to apologize collectively for the citizens of Westport for our insolence in questioning the decision of your all-knowing and wise commission concerning National Hall. Who are we but Tin Men, Scarecrows and Cowardly Lions to you Wizards of Oz. How dare we allow our representatives to pull back that green velvet Curtain. Despite the fact that it is through our hard work and sacrifice that we are able to live in this wonderful town, clearly we have not earned the right to have a say in how and to what purpose our town is developed. If you are unhappy with the Munchkins' lack of appreciation, you need only climb into the gondola and fly away. Public whining is clearly beneath the dignity of such Great Wizards.

Gary Effman


Sense of community

The recent catastrophic news from Haiti has brought many in the Westport community to find ways to help and contribute to many nonprofit organizations.

The business community has many opportunities, as well, to lend its support to Haitian relief.

On a recent Sunday, Sherry Gipson, the owner and operator of Curves for Women in Westport, opened her facility (which is normally closed on Sunday) and invited her members to participate in a fund-raising event at Curves. E-mails were sent out to members, letting them know to come by on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Members would be able to pledge money for each exercise circuit they completed.

The event was well attended, and Gipson provided healthy snacks throughout the event, as well as tea and coffee. Many members brought in pledges from friends and family members, as well as their own checks for donations. Checks are still coming in, but last count brought the total donations to $2,100. The donations will be split between the American Red Cross and Save the Children in Westport.

In a very special way, Gipson has shown all of us, including the business community, that there are ways to show support to the Haitian disaster. She has fostered within her members at Curves a sense of community and commitment.

MaryAnn Meyer


Animal shelter advocates

Westport Animal Shelter Advocates (WASA) would like to take this opportunity to thank Deputy Chief Dale Call, Steve Smith and Mike Frawley of the building committee for the extraordinary renovation project that has just been completed at Westport Animal Control. It is finally a facility which is worthy of the town of Westport and one that can truly reflect the kindness and compassion displayed by the animal control staff and volunteers for the dogs sheltered at this no-kill facility.

To date, WASA has raised close to $12,000, which will be used to complete the renovation project with the outdoor run construction on either side of the building set to commence in the spring. WASA recently purchased a high-efficiency washer and dryer so that the dogs may have clean bedding, towels and plush toys at all times (and liberate the dedicated volunteer that lugged home laundry from the shelter to be done in her home). Our thanks go out as well to our First Selectman Gordon Joseloff, the Board of Finance, the RTM and the citizens of Westport for rallying behind this project. WASA would also like to thank the following Westport merchants for their generous support of WASA activities: Pet Supplies Plus, Earth Animal, Millie Rae's, Sylvan Cleaners, Rockwell Art and Framing, Westport Nails and Effi's Salon.

WASA will continue to advocate for the shelter, the dogs and the staff so that the facility may maintain its current high standards to remain an independent no-kill facility and never be allowed to deteriorate to its former condition. WASA will also continue to promote and assist homeless dogs currently sheltered in shelters and animal control facilities in Connecticut.

For additional information about WASA, please send an e-mail to wasa1@optonline.net or visit our Web site at www.westportwasa.org. WASA is a 501c3 organization and donations may be sent to WASA at 606 Post Road E., Suite 610, Westport, CT 06880.

Julie Loparo,

WASA President,


Editor's note: The amount of money raised by WASA was reported to the Westport News for its Jan. 27 story as $2,800. As mentioned above, the total is $12,000.