Nitzy -- A positive candidate

Now that the primary elections are over I look back and see how much candidates of both parties were focused on mudslinging, personal attacks and overall negative campaigning. It was pretty depressing and doesn't bode well for the fall.

However, one candidate rose above it all and did not get down in the gutter. That candidate was Nitzy Cohen. Nitzy ran a campaign that was totally positive. Nitzy's campaign focused on her qualifications, the real issues, her positions and her solutions to the serious problems facing our state.

Not once did she even mention her opponent, never mind saying something negative. Nitzy's campaign was totally refreshing and tells us a lot about the type of person she is and the type of state representative she would be for Westport.

As we enter the general election, I hope the rest of the candidates take a page from Nitzy's book and run their campaigns on issues and ideas and forget about the personal attacks and character assassinations. Well, it may be too much to hope for with regard to the state-wide candidates, but at least in Westport we have Nitzy -- a positive candidate and a force for good. Thank you Nitzy for enduring the hardships of a political campaign and giving us a candidate we can all be proud of.

Citizens of Westport let's send Nitzy to Hartford. I think it's a "positive" idea.

Desiree Soli


Nitzy pledges to make no `Robo Calls'

I don't know about you, but I dislike "Robo" calls! They are annoying, intrusive and always seem to come right when my family is sitting down to dinner. Unfortunately, they have become a fixed feature of almost every political campaign these days.

Well, not mine! I was proud that in my recent primary campaign to be your state representative I did not use any Robo calls in winning the election. I hope people noticed and appreciated it. I really don't care if political consultants say that Robo calls are effective, have high hit ratios and are cost efficient. I don't like them and most people I speak with, detest them also. I will not use them in the upcoming general election, period.

I pledge to the citizens of Westport that you will not get any irritating Robo calls from the Nitzy Cohen campaign. Furthermore, I do not authorize, nor do I want, any political party, independent group or individuals to bother you with Robo calls on my behalf. I don't know how to make it any clearer than that.

Of course, I do hope that you won't take offense if I or one of my Westport supporters calls you personally, or if I stop by your house. I do want to hear what's on your mind.

While I am pretty sure we will all get some annoying political Robo calls in the upcoming election cycle, I can guarantee you there won't be any from Nitzy.

Nitzy Cohen