I am writing in support of Jennifer Tooker for Board of Finance. I have known Jennifer for five years, since our children entered kindergarten together. During that time, I have seen her managing a career, family, community involvement and her role as a member of the Board of Education. Jennifer's demonstrated leadership in each of these aspects of her life is admirable. She is a role model in all areas of her involvement.

As a member of the school board, Jennifer brought to bear her global business experience. Important responsibilities of the school board include setting strategic goals for the schools, communicating with the community and most significant, managing the budget. Jennifer has been successful in using her professional expertise to help develop a budget that meets the needs of the schools while maintaining expenses at the required levels. This experience will serve Jennifer well on the Board of Finance.

While other candidates may have business acumen, Jennifer is the only one who has the experience of applying these skills to the Board of Education. She is fiscally conservative with a focus on reducing long-term debt and leaving our town financially healthy for the future. Jennifer's dedication to the immediate and ongoing well being of Westport, along with her experience managing business and town budgets make her and ideal candidate for Board of Finance. Please join me in voting for JenniferTooker on Nov. 5.

Tami Benanav