My grandparents lived in Westport for almost 40 years, and my father grew up here, graduating from Staples High School in 1956. I moved here with my wife Stacy and our four children three years ago. We chose Westport because Stacy fell in love with our beaches, our schools, our community, and even the stone walls outside so many of our homes. My goal for Westport is to preserve what makes our town so attractive, while thoughtfully preparing for the future.

Each year the decisions we face as a town are different. This year it was the Gunn House, Baron's South and funding for Downtown 2020. Next year it may be an entirely new set of issues. What is critical for the Planning and Zoning Commission is how we approach these issues. As your commissioner, I would take community input and seek the answers to the following questions on every issue we consider:

1. What's the problem/opportunity this proposed change is designed to address?

2. Who benefits from this proposed change?

3. Does the benefit from this change outweigh the risk?

So often in life, the best decisions are not what we choose to do, but what we choose not to do. Applying these principles to every decision will set Westport up for a positive future and preserve what Stacy, I and all Westporters love about our town.