We all need to work together to keep our schools great: teachers, the administration, community members and students. We can all create a shared vision for education in Westport amidst a changing educational landscape.

We must educate the whole child, knowing that 21st-century skills like civic, health and cultural literacy are as important as classroom subjects in preparing our students for successful futures.

Our schools should provide students the opportunity to take academic risks, explore, collaborate and reflect in a safe environment. Our students should love to learn and have many different opportunities to excel.

As PTA co-president of both Coleytown Middle School (2011-2013) and King's Highway Elementary School (2009-2011), I have demonstrated leadership, deep knowledge of educational issues, and effective and passionate advocacy for my constituents with the school administration and the Board of Education. I am a member of the Teen Planning Committee at the Westport Library, the group that created the Hunger Games at the Library. At Temple Israel, I serve as chair of the Youth Committee, a position dedicated to helping students in grades 2 through college form stronger connections with others in their religious community. I also have been a member of the Temple Israel Religious School Committee for many years.

As a Board of Education member and advocate for both parents and students, I would work with our community and schools to promote new, collaborative changes that would allow our children to get the best education possible while also supporting their physical and emotional health. I welcome ideas and suggestions from parents and students in our community and commit to providing you with a voice.

On Nov. 5, please vote for Michael McGovern, Jeannie Smith and me. We are the right team for the Board of Education.

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Kleine: Educate the whole child