A classic deserving of every award there is, Rebecca, by Daphne Du Maurier, is a novel that draws readers in on page one.

This novel, set in England, opens up with the narrator, and young, nameless woman, looking back at how she met Maxim De Winter in Monte Carlo, and how their love bloomed from there. In a short amount of time, they get married and move into the De Winter home.

When first moving in, the new Mrs. De Winter is glad of her new life, but then is confronted with a house filled with mystery. This home, dubbed as "Manderly," holds many secrets hidden beneath, and throughout the novel, the young woman confronts all of them. There are mysterious wings and forbidden rooms, along with a sinister housekeeper.

Also, Manderly holds the memory of the first Mrs. De Winter, Rebecca. Not much about Rebecca is said to the second Mrs. De Winter at first, until bits a pieces come together about her mysterious death, and the stories Manderly holds.

Daphne Du Maurier really does this novel justice, and blends romance and mystery together to form a suspenseful book that tests the relationship between one young couple and the truth. Rebecca is a novel that will keep readers attached to their seats, devouring every last word.

Caroline Stacey is 14 years old and just graduated from eighth grade at Bedford Middle School. She enjoys swimming and playing volleyball, and is very fond of reading.