I am passionate about public school education and getting it right. Westport schools are doing a great job, but we can always improve. My biggest priority is first and foremost embracing and implementing our mission statement: "to prepare all students to reach their full potential as life-long learners."

More is expected of our children than when we were kids, so our educational system must continually evolve. We should focus on what our children need to succeed: excellent and engaged teachers, curricula which goes beyond just learning facts by promoting critical thinking, collaboration, communication and resiliency in problem solving. One goal is to further improve teachers' ability to differentiate in the classroom among all types of learners to help each student achieve his or her maximum potential.

It is also vital that we keep our children safe in and out of the classroom. I am committed to enhancing school security in both the physical buildings and exteriors where needed, as well as focusing on the whole child -- developing policies to improve the emotional well-being of all our students.

Finally, delivering these critical programs to our children while being able to keep the costs in check is my ultimate charge as a Board of Education member.

My background is in municipal finance, and I have knowledge of the key educational issues important to our town through serving as co-president of the PTA Council and Greens Farms School. I have a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University. Most important, I am a listener and a thoughtful decision maker when it is time to make the tough trade-offs.

I am impressed by Elaine Whitney's depth of knowledge and non-partisan leadership as chairman and honored to run with her. Please vote for both Brett Aronow and Elaine Whitney Nov. 5.

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