About these op-eds

The Westport News last month invited all candidates for Board of Finance, Board of Education and Planning and Zoning Commission to submit op-ed pieces making their cases to voters.

They were allowed up to but not more than 300 words to deliver whatever message they chose. Some used all 300 words, some fewer. Weeks in advance, candidates were given a specific deadline for which they were told there would be no exceptions. One candidate -- Planning and Zoning Commission candidate Glenn Payne of the Coalition for Westport -- missed that deadline and is not represented here.

The pieces were edited only for spelling, grammar, punctuation, journalistic style and clarity.

Upcoming op-eds:

Friday, Oct. 25: Candidates for first selectman and probate judge.

Friday, Nov. 1: Chairmen of the Democratic and Republican town committees, Coalition for Westport and Save Westport Now.