Are you ready for a state senator committed to the interests of Westport residents with a clear understanding of your priorities?

I decided to place my name on the ballot and run for this office knowing that as a first-time candidate, I would be the underdog against an incumbent with a voter registration advantage. But I could not sit on the sidelines and witness ineffectiveness and misplaced priorities govern our future legislation. This is why I ask for your vote on Nov. 6.

I've been a Westport resident for 25 years devoted to our wonderful quality of life. I worked for several years as appointed state Senate staff. I have a strong background in municipal government navigating budget cuts, consolidating services, and reorganizing departments to achieve more effective operations with less money and resources. I have proven that tax dollars can be utilized more efficiently.

The key to successfully representing your interests in Westport is by getting things done through relationship building, but doing so with independence and without stumbling into the gridlock that stalls and sabotages progress. I am guided by work experience, common sense, the ability to pursue the right priorities, and a willingness to work with people of other political affiliations.

We need to focus on issues that matter most, such as preserving our excellent public schools, assisting our elderly, creating the foundation for real job growth and a stable economy. And doing this without always demanding more from our taxpayers. If something doesn't change soon, the folks who help to sustain our quality of life, and make our schools and communities strong will have no choice but to leave our state.

I am qualified to represent your interests because I am in tune with the issues that matter most and have the background to take action.

Let's look at the incumbent's record.

Supported corporate interests over students in voting for the Education Reform Act

No leadership in the fight for property tax reform

Voted against requiring a health-care partnership to make insurance coverage available to children with pre-existing conditions

Delivered a 10-hour filibuster against providing medical marijuana to assist tragically ill patients

Voted against requiring corporations to disclose their secret campaign contributors

Supports the Tea Party and lobbied for the official Tea Party flag to fly over the State Capitol

Is this what she was elected to do? Do these actions reflect the priorities of Westport?

I am clear about what my actions should reflect:

To stop corporate profiteering and privatization that now threatens our public school system. Public education is not for sale. There is valid concern that the Education Reform Act of 2012 has misplaced priorities in trying to close the state's significant achievement gap. There should never be "teaching to tests," and charter schools should not receive taxpayer monies. Teacher evaluations should not be subject to a demoralizing and discouraging measurement method. It is undeserved punishment to impose these new standards on the public school system in our community, which already has superb standards. This is especially true given the outstanding collective cooperation among teachers, parents, students and administrators.

To reform one of Connecticut's most regressive taxes...the property tax. I will support and work for a property tax cap that does not curtail the needs of our town. We are going to lose good people to New York State, which has recently enacted its own cap on property taxes. A 2.5% cap is a good model, with a built-in mechanism for adjustments by either referendum or a 60% vote of the governing body.

To help the elderly live with respect, comfort and dignity. The State should not take up to a year to process a Medicaid application for nursing home residency or a senior's participation in Connecticut's Home Care Program. It will be my priority to establish measures to streamline the process and eliminate burdensome red tape.

I am in touch with issues that matter most to Westport: protecting schools, reducing taxes, promoting elder care and reinvigorating our job market.

Please do not hesitate to call me at 203-227-3573 or visit .

I ask for your vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6.