I am a fiscal conservative and a social progressive with the track record to prove it.

I'm tough on budgets and taxes and strong on promoting economic development. I am also a fierce advocate for our children and the environment, endorsed by the Connecticut Education Association and the Sierra Club. I am CT BEST certified social studies teacher who has taught in Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford and in Wilton.

As a professional actor, I have performed on Broadway, in television and film.

I know the Saugatuck portion of Westport very well; my family have been members of Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club since 1981. My wife Debra and I are currently members of SHYC, along with our toddlers, Wyatt and Elle. That is where I learned how to sail; that is where my love and appreciation for Long Island Sound comes from. I was proud that SHYC hosted then-Attorney General Blumenthal at the Club House in a bi-partisan effort to defeat the Broadwater Liquid Natural Gas Storage facility that would have been devastating to the Sound's environmental and recreational future.

I have a solid political track record, being elected to three terms to Wilton's Board of Selectmen. I have fought for lean budgets, low taxes, needs-based senior tax relief, wildlife and environmental initiatives.

My passion for public service comes from my Mom, who fought to save Wilton's historic Old Town Hall, and my love for the great outdoors comes from my Dad, an avid sportsman. Our family is living proof that the American dream exists. My Grandparents came through Ellis Island from Norway and Sweden. My grandfather drove a tank in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. My Dad worked his way through college, joined ROTC, and served in Korea.

Growing up, being involved in government to me was more about working for the common good than shrill partisanship. Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill were friends! Something has gone horribly awry in government these days; we are not enemies; we are teammates!

If elected, I would be beholden to you, the voter, and not a political party. Participation in government is something I want my kids to be proud of; that's why I am committed to a 100-percent-positive campaign. We need to put our families and our communities first; it's time to change the tone, it's time to change the game!