A woman was taken to the hospital when she and two others people were rescued after spending a frightening hour stuck in a broken elevator on the top floor of the old Enron skyscraper in downtown Houston Thursday morning.

The ordeal began about 8:30 a.m. at 1400 Smith near Bell in the 50-story highrise that is now occupied by Chevron, said Jay Evans, a spokesman for the Houston Fire Department.

Evans said two women and a man were on board the elevator when it suddenly rose non-stop to the top floor. The lift wouldn't budge from the top to return down. The trio called for help.

"The people were frightened," Evans said.

Evans said firefighters rode up an adjacent elevator to the 50th floor. They climbed out of the hatch in the roof of the car and crawled over to the malfunctioned lift. They secured each person with a harness and safely lifted them out of the broken elevator.

The people were taken down to the lobby in a lift in a separate bank of elevators.

Evans said the rescue took about an hour.

No one was injured. But one of the women who had become very frightened during the mishap was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

No information was available about what caused the elevator to malfunction. Mechanics were investigating the problem.