Sabrina O'Kane was born in Houston nearly 30 years ago and last heard from her birth mother in a letter written before she was given up for adoption.

O'Kane wrote the few facts she knows about her mother and the circumstances of her birth on two large lime green poster boards she can be seen holding on her Facebook profile page. The image has been shared 5,352 times, a number which has continued to grow over the weekend.

The Virginia woman hopes social media will help spread her message so that she can learn more and connect with her mother, who she believes is from Houston.

In the public picture posted last Thursday , O'Kane wrote that her mother was a 19-year-old woman named from New Jersey and gave birth in January 1984 to her at St. Joseph Hospital in Houston. She weighed six pounds, 13 ounces, was adopted by Catholic Charities and possibly has two sisters, the sign reads.

"Please help & Share!!! I have been waiting my whole life," she writes.