Zaniac, an after-school STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) franchise, recently opened a local outlet at 1391 Post Road East.

Zaniac is a national education enterprise that uses a multi-disciplinary approach to STEM problem solving, according to a press release from the business.

The company offers various STEM programs geared for kindergartners and students in grades one to eight excited.

Camilla Gazal, a Zaniac Westport co-founder, said, “A number of K-8 students who attend our Greenwich campus live in the Westport area,” according to the news release. “We are delighted to now bring the Zaniac learning experience to the Westport area.”

Flavia Naslausky, the other Zaniac Westport co-founder, said in the release: “We look forward to working with the public and private educational community to advance STEM education for K-8 students with programs that make learning math, technology and other STEM fields of study fun and exciting.”

Gazal and Naslausky launched the first Zaniac franchise in Greenwich in December 2013 and since then more than 500 students in kindergarten and grades one to eight have signed up for its programs, according to the release.

Zaniac was founded by Paul Zane Pilzer, a college professor, economist, social entrepreneur and author.

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