Woog's World: The annual holiday poem

Deck the halls! Go to the malls!

Hang the mistletoe on walls

Mele Kalikimaka! Feliz Navidad!

‘Tis the season of angels and God

Of Frosty and Rudolph, stockings and holly

Ho ho ho and everything jolly

Of 10 lords a-leaping, and li’l drummer boy

(Plus menorahs and dreidels and latkes, oy)

The holiday season descends like a sleigh

Pulled by reindeer who soon dash away

So as sure as we think now of tinsel and fruitcake

And St. Nicholas’ belly, with its jelly-like shake

It’s time for this annual “Woog’s World” tradition

My poem to my readers (Xmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa edition).

As Westporters rock ‘round the Christmas tree

We raise a toast to Selectman Marpe

Plus Tooker and Kane (Melissa, not Kandy)

They make sure that Westport runs all nice and dandy

To Flug and Bloom, our wise town attorneys

Who navigate lawsuits and 8-30gs

And all the other legal landmines

Like who can place (and take down) yard signs

Hail to thee P&Z, and thou Board of Ed

(Two jobs more tougher than even the Fed)

And hooray Parks and Rec, and to Finance too

Our stocking cap lifts high off to you.

While chestnuts roast upon the fire

And preachers preach and choirs choir

We celebrate our civic clubs

Whose members are for sure not schlubs

Hurrah Y’s Men! Huzzah Y’s Women!

Hoohah Y’s Water Rats (kids who are swimmin’)!

VFW! American Legion! Library Book Chats!

Animal welfare (birds, deer, dogs and cats)

Garden Clubs! Women’s Leagues! Dems, GOPs!

Sunrise and Noontime, our two Rotarys!

Without volunteers, our town would be worthless

Like Christmas sans Santa: empty and mirthless.

There’s no place like home for the ol’ holidays

Everyone’s welcome: cis, trans and gays

Our big tent is policed by Foti, our top cop

His force keeps us safe as we drive, play and shop

Bob Yost leads the crews who fight our town blazes

They deserve all our kudos, earn all our praises

As do EMTs, our saviors with gurneys

Who soothe us and save us on medical journeys.

Our Homes with Hope door is open way wide

To those who might otherwise sleep cold outside

While at the Gillespie, the pantry is packed

Westporters care — and that’s just a fact.

Though grandma got run over by a reindeer

(Next time, she should pass on the beer)

On Cross Highway, animals are far more docile

(Not because they’ve been drinking that wassail)

WTF? No, it’s not a bad swear

Just Wakeman Town Farm — the best anywhere.

They grow many things, though hemp is not one

So for finding a cure that’s hip, cool and fun

Head downtown, to the CBD store

With oils, syrups, rubs, creams and more

But if you want weed, for now you are gonna

Need a scrip — it’s medicinal marijuana

A dispensary opened there on the Post Road

With products that are all Connecticut growed.

Donde esta Santa Claus? Shopping in Westport, si!

At funky, cool spots like Savannah Bee

And (‘neath Tavern on Main), at Savvy + Grace

The gift shop/jewelry/clothing/who knew?! Special place

Then down in Saugatuck, get off the train

And stop at the store run by marvy Mersene

You’ll be stunned at the stuff she crams down in there

With style, fun, unique local flair

There’s more spots I’d list, but space here is lacking

So all I can say is, “Hey guys, get cracking

There’s presents to buy, and goodies galore

Avoid the web -- shop a great Westport store!”

So Christmas is coming, the goose gets so fat

The 12 days are nigh -- what do you think about that?

I think it’s a marshmallow world, with fine silver bells

And wreaths and bows and fond chestnut smells

I know Santa’s on his way (Dominic the Donkey too)

With lots of presents for me and for you

But though it’s been said many times, many ways

As Westport hurtles through the holidays

In the words of Lennon: “Let’s hope it’s a good one”

In the words of “Woog’s World,” “I wish you a ton

Of joy and peace and hope a-plenty

All of my best in the year 2020.”