Patricia McMahon, 49, of Danbury Avenue, surrendered Wednesday morning on a warrant and was charged with driving under the influence in connection with an Aug. 20 incident.

During the incident, an officer on patrol noticed that McMahon was pulled halfway off the right side of Julian Brodie Drive at Longshore Club Park and was slouched over in the driver's seat with her eyes closed, police said.

After several attempts to wake her, McMahon woke up and was asked several times to unlock her door, police said. When asked what she had to drink, she replied, "vodka," according to the police report.

The officer could not conduct a field sobriety test for McMahon because she was unable to stand because of her apparent intoxicated condition, police said.

McMahon was charged with operating under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She was released on $5,000 bond and is scheduled to appear Oct. 12 in Norwalk Superior Court.