A Westport woman and three others were arrested early Saturday morning after a domestic dispute, police said.

Tara Mazzarella, 29, of Saugatuck Avenue, was charged with breach of peace and criminal violation of a protective order. Philip McGorty, 35, of Fairfield, was charged with public disturbance; McGorty is also the protected party in a protective order issued against Mazzarella, according to police. The order indicates the two are to have no communication or contact through any means, nor is Mazzarella allowed within 100 yards of McGorty, police said.

Kate Carbone, 30, of Oxford, was charged with public disturbance. Jason Smith, 27, of Bethany, was charged with breach of peace.

Because of the protective order, Mazzarella was taken into custody. McGorty, Carbone and Smith were issued summonses and infractions, police said.

Mazzarella was released on $500 bond and was scheduled to have appeared Monday morning in Norwalk Superior Court.