A Jane Doe complaint to police about a driver believed to be intoxicated Wednesday night led to the arrest of Deborah Vertucci, 62, of Roseville Road, who was charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the McDonald's parking lot at 701 Post Road East, police said.

Vertucci's Black Range Rover was parked and straddling a white line separating parking spaces, police said. There were also three separate food wrappers on the ground next to the driver's door. In speaking with Vertucci, officers said they detected the smell of alcohol on her breath and her speech was noticeably slurred.

Police said Vertucci's son, Alan, was a passenger in the vehicle and initially tried to say that he had driven the car to McDonald's and that officers should arrest him.

Deborah Vertucci subsequently failed field sobriety tests. The results of two blood-alcohol content tests -- 0.115 BAC and 0.113 BAC, police said -- were both over the legal limit of 0.08.

Vertucci paid $500 bond is scheduled to appear June 20 in Norwalk Superior Court.